Why All Michiganders Need to Get A Flu Shot This Season

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Here’s the gist of why you need to go get your flu shot this fall/winter season especially.
Many people think that the flu shot causes the flu. I’m here to tell you that that is false. The flu shot
does not have any live viruses in the vaccine so you cannot contract the flu. The flu vaccine (given with a
needle) is actually made with either inactivated or killed viruses, or with only a single protein from the
flu virus. The nasal flu vaccine is given with attenuated or weakened live virus in the vaccine. This is done
because it causes antibodies to build in the body after a two week period which provides protection
after the infection to help fight the flu.
The reason why we need to get the flu shot yearly vs one and done, is because an individual’s immunity
declines over time. Also, flu viruses change almost all the time. Flu vaccines are always changing every
season to prepare for the current strain of the flu for that season based on research.
You should get vaccinated for a few reasons.

You should get vaccinated for a few reasons.

  • to obviously protect yourself
  • to protect the people around you
  • if you don’t contract the flu, the vaccine lessens its severity

Many people cannot get vaccinated because they have compromised immune systems. If you are able
to be vaccinated and do, the flu stops with you. But if you catch the flu, and are not vaccinated, it now
travels with you, thus infecting others around you (especially those who are unable to be vaccinated).
It’s important to not only protect yourself, but those that you love around you. For me, I choose to get
the flu shot for my older, ill mother and for a few of my closest friends who are compromised. It would
make it harder to be a caretaker for my mom if I can’t be around her, so I get the flu shot. It would make
it way more difficult to safely hang around my close friends who are compromised, so I get the flu shot.
If I can at least save my loved ones from being ill with the flu shot because they are unable to get it
themselves, then by all means, it’s my responsibility at the very least to do so.

With the current and rapid rise of COVID cases, there’s no need to contribute to any possible illnesses
you can prevent while battling the stress of COVID. Get your flu shot today. To learn more about how,
visit The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website.

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Why All Michiganders Need to Get A Flu Shot This Season