What’s Being Pro-Black in 2016?

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Black Power. Power within the blacks. The rising of blacks to the power. 
Black power in 2016 slightly annoys the hell out of me only because I see it more so as trending propaganda rather than a genuine rise and call to it’s initial belief and purpose. Daishikis, natural hairstyles, coconut oil, being so overtly politically “aware” and knowledgable more than anyone else, king and queenly memes and posts all throughout social media, all for the hype to say “I’m Pro-Black and I am a consciously aware King or Queen” etc. Everything to say you are different and stand out, is more so a disingenuous trend to me. But, the only reason I let this trend ride is because, if it’ll stop some of the young black men and women from behaving foolishly and trick them into acting like the young, finally awakening, black people that we are supposed to be, I’ll go with it. 
Black Power is a term that was associated and coined by civil rights leader, Stokeley Carmichael in the 1960’s. It was used in the “March Against Fear”. The question came: “What do we want?” and in response, echoing louder and louder, “Black Power!”. The purpose of Black Power was a movement in support of rights and political power for black people especially prominent in the United States in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so says google. But what exactly is Black Power? I come across a lot of Facebook posts, random conversations, and articles that show mixed reviews and interpretations for this phrase. In one article I read, Stokeley Carmichael’s intention on Black Power, were for blacks to rise in political power without any integration nor trespassing from whites. An opportunity to regain black pride in the African-American culture. And with a lot of the unfortunate and inauspicious activities going on in America today, what with police brutality and harmful murders against the black community, the term has now resurfaced, stronger than ever just a mere four or so decades later. But what exactly is Black Power in the year 2016 and should it have a more befitting definition for it? One person asked: “what exactly is Black Power, and are you still Pro-Black if you date outside your race?”. My response to this question is this:
Black Power is the uplifting of blacks amongst one another. Love is love irregardless of color. To say one is no longer considered Pro-Black because they are dating outside of the race is an ignorant statement. Being Pro-Black is creating unity amongst ourselves and onward and outward to others. Being Pro-Black is not hindering to other ethnicities and is uplifting to the point where others will want to join and unite with us. Keeping everything in the black community is not 100% pragmatic. We all need each other to survive. Diplomatic Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:
“Black Power” was “unfortunate because it tends to give the impression of black nationalism….black supremacy would be as evil as white supremacy.”
Antagonizing one for loving someone outside of the race is not only hypocritical but goes against the definition “Pro”-Black. Anything that negates positivity, is against the definition “pro” and therefore is no longer considered Pro-Black. You don’t only have to be a black person to be Pro-Black. Anyone of any color or ethnicity can be Pro-Black. For example, the young caucasian man, Jimmy Tyson, who escorted African-American woman, Bree Newsome who took down the Confederate flag was in fact, very much so being Pro-Black. Love is love regardless of color. Humanity is about the act of love itself, and not color; for the heart wants what it was wants and recognizes no race, religion, nor ethnicity if it is genuine, be it romantic or platonic. Being Pro-Black is not only a black thing, it’s an all race thing because the first person to walk this earth was a person of color and all races whether you have the fairest skin, bluest eyes, and reddest strand of hair down to the darkest skin, blondest hair stand, and brown eyes all contain the color black. To take it a step back, we, the people, regardless of whom our creator is, were placed on this planet to love one another. It makes no sense to do anything different. We knew no good, nor bad, nor right, nor wrong. In my personal opinion, the only reason why we have this coined phrase “Black Power” is to build and love ourselves back up from all the infiltration, oppression, and malicious tearing down the caucasian race has displaced upon us. And why? Because the people of this land were going about doing things they had no business doing in the first place out of confusion and self-hate. We were placed on this earth, not to be of this world but to be loving and loved by and to one another. Had they not done that to begin with, going back to my initial ideology that we’re placed on this earth to love one another, none of this “Black Power” propaganda would even be necessary.
That is my stance and personal opinion of Black Power and being Pro-Black. What’s yours?

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