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Today, I was lounging around in my sorrows and decided to jump back into my creativity. I used to blog and write short novels and poems many, many moons ago and decided to get back started on it today. Writing used to be a great outlet for me when I was younger and kept my mind off of many things that used to trouble me. So I decided to sit myself down and give it a stern go. So far I’ve gotten great reviews on it on Facebook. I hope you all enjoy it as well.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what happens when you don’t see the beauty within yourself?
When you allow the depiction of the world to unravel your inner peace which is supposed to be your most glorified wealth?
You cry, you down yourself, you allow the simple rejections of others define your sanity.
You’re so overly consumed of your outer appearance both to you, to the world, your sudden purpose now becomes your vanity.
“You don’t express yourself enough, you’re too expressive, be yourself, no, not that way, you’re weird and you’re crazy”, so you constantly hear,
To which of these melancholy and seemingly inauspicious societal rules should I consciously adhere?
And then there’s the overzealous friends with misconstrued concepts of using men for what they’ve got
And then there’s the men who either use you for what you’ve got or lead you into feeling you’re finally in a safe heaven, you’ve finally picked the right one, only to leave you distraught
I originally come in peace, in solitude, with innocence and a heart full of love
Only to be reckoned and manipulated by those who feel expressing sincere emotions are only for the weak and through that, they cannot rise above.
It’s 2015, I’m in my twenties and I should only feel nothing but so alive,
So why I do feel drained, consistently melancholy, detached with no zest left in me to want to thrive?
I say to those who have courage to combat depression brought upon the devil,
Don’t let that bastard seep into your blood vessels and try to leave you disheveled.
To those who tempt suicide and thrive on the final end because you feel defeat,
I many a time, have come to those roads and must say you’ve got me beat.
Your bravery to betray the gift the Lord has bestowed upon you amazes me,
I, just six months ago, tempted myself and was beyond too close to no longer be.
If it weren’t for my constant prayers that keep me sane,
Omnipresence might have wrung in a new name.
I still wallow in sadness every other afternoon,
And to those who don’t understand but judge anyway, may your ignorance need no longer loom.
Depression kills between 50-75% of ppl in this world in one calendar year.
Can we gather ourselves up and focus on what’s now important, not money, not sex, but sincere love for humanity, in the flesh, in our hearts, and for one another to be near?
Not so far that when we sit right next to one another that you can’t tell a smile is only a mask for a person who inside is yearning for help,
And not so near that we distance ourselves from the situation with a sarcastic and dissonant shrug and a “welp”.
I say to any and everyone that we all hold a responsibility to our brothers and our sisters, to our neighbors and to strangers.
We were put on the earth to love one another, lend an ear, and escape tumultuous dangers.
If you know someone in need, or know no one at all but see it, offer a smile,
For that can be the beginning of a could be permanent ending that wasn’t worthwhile.
For anyone suffering from depression or suicide, please go to www.save.org you can help save a life.

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