How do I transition my one topic based blog into a lifestyle brand?

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You’ve officially mastered choosing a subject and sticking to it for your blog just like I suggested in the 3 C’s to Blogging Consistently for Beginners! Great job! Now because of this process, you’ve built up your steady and loyal audience and now you’re looking to break in more of your personality. The ultimate question bloggers at this stage tend to ask me is how do I transition into lifestyle photos? Doing this, you must be careful because you never want to lose your core audience. You have to learn how to segue your typical topics into the new topics and how to make the two have a relationship with one another. If it doesn’t make sense, it won’t add up. And if it doesn’t add up, you won’t get engagement and you’ll start to lose your audience.

Start with social media.

A good way to start preparing your audience for the change is through your social media channels. For example, if your Instagram mainly consists of pictures of food because you’re a food blogger and you want to brand yourself as a lifestyle food blogger, the perfect step would be to start incorporating yourself into the pictures. Rather than showing a tasty dish wherever you’re eating, have someone take a high-resolution picture of you eating the meal, taking a sip of that tasty new drink from the pub that just opened up! Show yourself. Give your audience the opportunity to connect who the author is with great taste behind the food pics. In those pics, make sure you look amazing! Have your hair properly cut, or styled to perfection and your outfit on a thousand! Tag those brands, the shoes you’re rocking, the jacket that’s hanging from your shoulders. Not only will your followers begin to then see your face and know who’s posting those delectable looking meals, but they’ll also be shocked by how well you present yourself and they’ll then begin to seek you as not only the food expert but the fashion expert too.

Transition your blog.

Once you’ve mastered social media, you can then bring it your blog. Your main blog is primarily all about foods but make a tab for fashion too! Label your blog posts so that you can group them by category. Categorize them by food, fashion, beauty, etc, the list goes on! This is how you begin to diversify your blog from a broad topic into a bigger umbrella and full on brand.

These are few simple examples of how to diversify your blog from one simple topic into much more after you’ve built up a loyal audience for some time.  Leave a comment below if you’re in the process of doing this and let me know what works for you! Share this post for your friends who are looking to do the same!


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  • Keri Elaine
    September 13, 2017

    Awesome advice I think it’s always hard to focus on one topic, when you are so passionate about a variety of things.
    Keri Elaine

    • iamcharlieg
      September 13, 2017

      Thank you!! I’m so glad you agree!

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How do I transition my one topic based blog into a lifestyle brand?