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A new pampering, upscale salon has hit the scene of Downtown Detroit. The Ten Nail Bar, one of Detroit’s newest classy and elegant nail salon has graced some of the hard working citizens of downtown Detroit with it’s presence. From the moment I entered, I was greeted respectively and made immediately at ease as I was offered a fancy drink of my choice once I was signed in and in a comfortable spot to sit and wait for my nail technician. The wait is timely and right and schedule and as scheduled via The Ten Nail app, the duration of the appointment went accurately as estimated. I’m not usually one to get my nails done on the regular because I hate the time it takes to get them done, in addition to the long wait, and I’m also not as girly as to keep them up consistently every two weeks.  As long as their clean, I usually don’t care but my experience with The Ten had been so exquisite that I’ve made myself a regular almost. What impresses me most aside from the pampering, spa-like feel of my experience there, is one word: QUALITY. The durability of my nails has been impressively outstanding. I’ve gone each time about three weeks and not once did my nails chip, peel, nor break as they would’ve after 8-9 days after going to another location and usually that is what deters me from continuously getting my nails done in the salon. The employees of the salon are all pleasant and offer great conversation, the location is in the heart of downtown Detroit, not far from walking distance of all the main attractions in the newly growing area, and the owners are simply enlightening and amazing people to meet. The amazing thing about The Ten is that it’s not only a salon for women, men are more than welcomed as well and to my surprised, I saw a larger amount of men there than I have anywhere else. I suggest that everyone takes a trip to The Ten and take the opportunity to take their simple experience of getting their nails, polished, buffed, or manicured, to a delicate and delightfully classy one as soon as possible.





My final say? Two hands up. The Perfect Ten.
Photos by J. Milhouse.

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