My Stay with The Line Hotel DC

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As I walked to my room, I was immediately at ease

Over the weekend, I was flown into DC to shoot a client. While I was there, I had the pleasure of staying at The Line Hotel DC. It’s located in Adams Morgan, a quaint and colorful

neighborhood filled with plentiful, vibrant townhouses and restaurants. The hotel sits on the corner of Euclid St and has an exterior resembling a historic building. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with nothing but hospitable and cheerful customer service. And as I walked to my room, I was immediately at ease. I’d had some troubles arranging my transportation to New York (as I planned to take a quick trip into the city to visit friends before my shoot the next day) so I was extremely stressed. But soon as I walked into my room, the stress immediately subsided.

The room was relaxing, minimalistic, and beautiful. The bed was huge, soft, and comfy and the view from the room was breathtaking. The bathroom was beautiful and modern and I, of course, took the opportunity to do a photo shoot in there, myself.

One of the restaurants located in the hotel is Brothers and Sisters which is interestingly located smack-dab in the lobby of the hotel. I’ve never seen anything like it. Both bars are located on either side of the lobby, the restaurant guests sit in the middle of the lobby at the tables, and the reservation desk to request a table is to the right as soon as you step foot into the lobby from the outside. It’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen and it works. The waiters and waitresses are all gorgeous and have the nicest attitudes. Matthew, who I assume was the manager on duty, and Lauren, who was my waitress, was such a huge delight. They truly made my experience so much more enjoyable.

Uni Tray

The menu is filled with luxurious items and definitely made no haste in trying all the different options like the octopus filled hushpuppies, caviar, Uni, and more. For Christ sake, there was even a burger that had beef and rib on it and it was actually delicious. Again, everyone was extremely hospitable and I’ve never seen such high spirits to this degree anywhere before. If you have a bad attitude, it would immediately be lifted the moment you step foot into this hotel.

Brandon’s Cut of the Day

As for the meal, we ordered the Takoyaki Hushpuppies which are filled with octopus, the caviar, the Uni tray, Knife Cut Noodle, Beef Short Rib Burger, and Brandon’s Cut of the Day. The drinks ranged from Sauvignon Blanc, Pina Fumar, whiskey sour, champagne, and a shot of 1972. The cut of the day which is the steak was a little on the salty side if you order that, ask them to scale back on the salt. The Knife Cut Noodle was actually pretty good and it’s mixed with greens. The Beef Short Rib Burger was actually tasty and didn’t overwhelm me as much as I thought it would with the amount of meat. And not to mention, although I love a good brioche bun, it was served on Hawaiian rolls and it was damn good. I preferred the caviar over the Uni tray because the Uni was a bit too much for me. Essentially, Uni is the sea urchin that you’re eating. Caviar is fish eggs and that was surprisingly good.

All in all, I thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly, enjoyed myself. I was so sad to leave that I was tempted to book another night! I loved my experience and if you’re ever in the DC area, The Line Hotel is definitely the place to be. It will not disappoint and I surely can’t wait to come back for a visit.


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