The “Love Yo Self” Tee

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It’s inspirational T-shirt time, and the one tee that I’ve come to admire and support most is from my homie and good friend, Michell C. Clark. The wording of the now “Love Yo Self” tee dawned on him as he was coming to a new perspective of self-realization after a struggle he had with himself for awhile about the constraints of his day job which ultimately lead him to freedom and self-employment (which is an amazing and inspiring story we will embark on in another post soon). Once he discovered his words going viral, he saw it more than befitting to make those words wearable for anyone who found it inspiring, appreciable, and especially amongst an unequivocal and defeating day, words of encouragement at the very least for anyone who takes for glance at it. This tee will be available both in print and t-shirt form. The shirt will be available for two weeks as from tomorrow and the print indefinitely. For more information on where you can purchase the tee, make sure you head over to Michell’s site and stay tuned!



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The “Love Yo Self” Tee