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When you hear the term “technical clothing”, what do you think of? When I first heard it, I figured, ‘are these clothes for ppl who work in tech?’. Lots of people fathom a different amount of things with such an obtuse term in relation to apparel. But after being given the opportunity to collaborate and try on some clothing from Kit And Ace in exchange for my personal opinion, I can honestly now understand the term much better. 

Kit And Ace is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver. With over 60 locations spread out all over the world from Australia to San Francisco, Detroit was lucky enough to be graced with an opportunity by Kit And Ace to thrive in style. Kit And Ace was founded by former lead designer of Lululemon Athletica, Shannon Wilson and her stepson, JJ Wilson.
From trying on the pieces alone, I understood the term technical clothing to relate to the intricacies and details of each and every article of material placed into the brand. But after further research, it is to my understanding that plain and simple, the idea of technical clothing is to bring the support from altheisure wear to streetwear; to continue to be “spoiled by the comfort and movement of athletic apparel…[to bring] the comfort and performance of your gym clothes to your street clothes so you never have to sacrifice functionality for style”.  Kit And Ace incorporates the term “technical clothing” from the beginning stages of fabric selection. They take the time to makes sure that the clothing you take home and wear over and over again, has pragmatic functionality such as shrink integrity, breathability, wicking (which is a personal importance of mine), stain shield technology and much more. Not only is “technical clothing” meant to merge the delicacies of athleisure wear with street wear but also be able to have outstanding quality fabric that can withstand the wear and tears of the washing machine over time.
When I tried on the apparel,  I was not only impressed by the quality of the clothing, but just how intricate the designs were. From the delicate ways Kit And Ace embellishes their logo on almost all the clothing whether it be subtly or buoyantly in gold or blue, a lot of thought, time, and care for the customer wearing the clothes was put into consideration. For me, quality means everything. I appreciate how flexible I felt wearing the clothing yet ready to transition and step out into a professional setting if need be. Their T-shirts are airy and light and have a feel good material with the gold Kit And Ace logo subtly placed in the back while their turtle necks are warm and cozy, don’t over consume my neck with too much fabric, and give me just the proper amount of material on my wrists as I prefer (not too short and not overzealously long) just to name a few of their great items.
I personally want to thank the Director of the Kit And Ace Detroit location, Darryl, for allowing me the opportunity to try on a few pieces and experience such wondrous and casually chic technical clothing. Below I have pictures with descriptions of myself trying on new pieces with links of where to find them. Hope you enjoy!


I found this dress perfect for throwing on and going anywhere to any function. Whether it’s a quick errand trip in some flats or to last minute casual function in heels, I give this dress two thumbs up for comfort and style in simplicity.








This Boyfriend Fit Blazer brings class and sophistication to any outfit. I love a good blazer to throw on and complete any of my casual or business looks! It’s light and a tad oversized yet still makes a perfect fit.









The Go To Trouer was surpassingly one of my favorite pieces I tried on. Being that the material is so light and a bit thinner than the others, I automatically presumed it wouldn’t give me any shape and flatten me but to my surprise they enhanced my shape and hugged my curves in all the right places. I’d wear this to work any day and the convenience of the hidden pocket is great for my iPhone.






This T-shirt dress is one of my favorite pieces from the new collection. It’s soft fabric gives me  enough allowance to be comfortable while still providing me with a feminine shape.




The Mulberry Pant gives shape and flexibility while looking professional from both afar and upfront. I would personally wear this pant in both heels and a pair of nice clean white sneakers.








My favorite turtleneck I’ve ever tried on. It gives the perfect amount of fabric around my neck and my wrists without overwhelming me nor moving out of place which for me, I find a very big deal. It’s warm but not overwhelming to where I’d find myself hot after a few hours of wearing.












This jacket is perfect for versatility. For colder nights, the third piece (which is also detachable), can be worn. On lighter nights, leave it open or take it off. The quality is warm for brisk nights but still light enough to overwhelm me and weigh me down in material. 









Photos by Stephen Crosson.

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