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There’s this guy that I’ve been following on Instagram for quite some time and every time I see him I say to myself, “what does he do and how does he do it?”. I was intrigued. So, I linked with him to hear more about his story and boy, I got way more out of it than I bargained for. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting fashion forward and Detroit Native, Jamar Hart. Always on the scene in style, I was drawn to how his personality speaks through his clothing and jumps out at me so I took the opportunity to meet him as soon as I heard he was back in town and indulge in the story of his successful journey. Having a natural niche for his talent, he started out doing personal shopping which directed him into the path of fashion styling and designing. Tired of neglecting his talents, he decided to harness them and put them to productive use which is now more than lucrative for him and something he actually enjoys doing. Talk about the keys to happiness. With the amazing and brave mindset of feeling like he could do anything if he concentrated hard enough and remained focused, he felt anything was possible for him to achieve. Feeling stagnant and as if Detroit wasn’t big enough for him to make his statement in the fashion world, he parted with his home city in need of a change of a place that will assist him and growing and manifesting his talents and personal aspirations into the reality it is today. “I was doing the same thing everyone else was doing. I had to get away and grow. That’s the smartest choice I’ve ever made in my life, I’ve grown so much.” It was then that he made the bold and courageous move to quit his job and move out to the heart of California; Hollywood, that is. It was not easy making this transition but as you can see, it was also not too long before Jamar made himself comfortable and started to behold an impression in the city.
Walking around downtown Detroit and hearing his captivating and amazing story while being accompanied by one of Detroit’s best photographers, Dre Dotty, I was a bit bemused how someone can just up and leave to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces and no immediate income. I adore and love seeing people especially who are from places not far from me, make what seem to be ‘the impossible’ more than possible. Showing others to be brave and to just get your ‘adult’ on and just ‘do that shit’, as I would like to say. “When I moved out to Cali, being from Detroit, I was already seasoned to know what to look out for. I didn’t have to be around thirty different people, I was comfortable being by myself [if need be] and with my close friends whom I don’t even consider as friends, more like brothers. I know what I want around [and in] my life. No negativity. All my brothers motivate each other. If you’re going to be around people, it should be people that you admire, not just the quote ‘birds of a feather flock together’. These people are people you should admire and motivate you to do better. When I first got here, there was a lot of smoked mirrors. I saw a lot of fabrication and couldn’t hang with different people because that’s not how you get to the top. Associating yourself with so many different cliques is how you run and burn your brand out and I’d rather just grind hard and associate with the right people instead of everyone.” It’s intriguing because he went on to mention how a lot of people that he met were so set on stealing his ideas fashion wise. “People in L.A. will tell you anything to sell you a dream because a lot of people will believe that. They prey on people specifically fro the Mid-West who are new to L.A. and will tell you anything and sell you a dream but you have to be book smart and street smart. And when I say street smart, I don’t mean from the hood. I mean knowing when and how to differentiate the real shit from the bullshit in the world”. Knowing what to and not do and when to and not do things, being aware and alert of who to trust is a legitimate call for networking and remaining focused. He goes on to say, when he first got here, his first two weeks, he partied hard. It was then he realized that he had to sit himself down, refocus and jam-pack himself with relevant things to remain where he wants to go in life because partying and celebrating without any purpose or accomplishment defeats his reasoning for even coming out to the west coast to grow in the first place. Hearing Jamar recount situations and stories of misleading and dishonest people in Cali was frazzling and surprising for both Dre Dotty and I to hear. We see it everyday on television but Jamar actually lived through it and by the graces of God was intelligent enough not to be naive and give into the hype.
Using his best judgement and intuition has landed him countless possibilities. He narrated to us about his appearance as a Reality Personality on Oxygen’s very own reality series, ‘Players Get Played’. Unlike most reality shows, this one was actually based on real life things that happened in their lives. How he stumbled into this opportunity was all blessing upon God. He was friends with a few people on the show and ended up shooting. The producers really loved his look and decided to bring him on. He, himself even thought that the show was scripted but to his surprise, it was very real. “I didn’t want to be in compromising situations between friends and does not like to be messy so I most of the time remained quiet. Reality TV can help or hurt you and it helped me for the most part. You never know who’s watching you. Just because I had the opportunity to be on a reality show, I [never intended on changing nor being stuck up]. I still am human. I bleed, breathe, and sleep like everyone else. Just because I’m on a TV show doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else and all of this can be taken away from me tomorrow. It’s less stressful when you can just be yourself. When you have to put up a facade, you have to keep doing that and you’re gonna be tired and people will then know. I’m just e and this is what you get. If you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you”. A lot of opportunities have aroused from him being on the show. Both Bravo and Oxygen have their eyes on him and I can’t wait to see what he make pick up with them next. He even has a short film that should be dropping sometime in early 2016 called ‘Rolling Stone’. One of his good friends named Norman who goes by the rap name Jimmy Bones who is actually one of Tyga’s artists, linked up with him when he first came to Cali. How they met was extremely random but the fact they kept in contact and Jimmy really liked Jamar and his aura, they decided to work with one another keep the creative juices flowing and now Jamar will be featured in his new short film. The synopsis of the short film consists of friends who bring Jamar’s character on and breaks into million dollar homes in and robs them for their unique and expensive, one of a kind paintings. They take such paintings and sell them to whomever is wiling to buy them, i.e. drug dealers or people out of the country who’ve been looking for such pieces forever but could not get their hans on them items. He says it was interesting playing such a role because he’s cool and calm but he actually got to turn up a bit and play something different. The short film is apart of Jimmy’s EP that can be found here: NothingNormal.
Jamar also wasn’t set out on a path to only make himself better, but he also has a heart that involves doing humanitarian acts for the world. He is the CEO of the Cancer Foundation, Rhonda’s Kiss. His business partner, Kyle Stefanski, is the co-founder of the organization. The story behind it, is what melts my heart because I know so many people this year alone, who have personally undergone or have close family members who are victims of the disease. His business partner, who goes by Kyle started the organization with his mother who passed away for pancreatic cancer last year. In honor of her legacy, he has promised to keep forth with the brilliant foundation that helps millions of people dealing with all types of cancer. The first event was held in Cleveland, where his mother was from, and together, Jamar and Kyle raised over $600,000. It was held at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. The money did not go towards research but, but for assisting those who do not have insurance, or who needed wheelchairs, or medicine, transportation, wigs, and so on and so forth. The second event, was held in L.A. on November 3rd which I, myself, remember hearing about on the radio. The event received so much love from many people including some celebrities who performed such as: Kesha, Billy Idol, Juliette Lewis, Billy Burr and many more just to name few. The next event will be held in Miami early in 2016 and I can’t wait to hear more good things coming from that event as well. Donations are more than accepted year round and if you would like to contribute to the beautiful cause, you can visit the site here: www.rhondaskiss.org.
Now relocated to Los Angeles from Hollywood, Jamar is traveling the world working with many different people. He has a clothing line called The Jamar Hart Collection that is unisex that I absolutely love and am excited about the idea. He is currently in Denmark right now working with a few people and finishing up a few things for his website and his new hat line that will be dropping soon. His hat line will also be unisex and will be affordable and made of good quality felt material. The most exciting news that he had for us during the interview was that he will be working and collaborating with a few people in 2016. One person who will will be working with will be BLS Hafnia. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s one of the dopest designers in the game right now and I suggest you get yourself acquainted with him here: BLS Hafnia. The collaboration will be very clean, classic, and timeless. Not to mention futuristic. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few pieces to sport for you guys here under my Get The Look column, myself. It was a pleasure for both Dre Dotty and I to sit listen to his story of how he made the courageous decision to leave Detroit and move to California and see his growth of both his himself and his philanthropy and the progress he’s made all in under sixteen months. I am more than appreciative to have listened and documented notes from him and I hope to see nothing but him going upward and onward reaching for nothing but the stars in the entire galaxy while representing with Detroit on his back.

Shot by Dre Dotty

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