Below are some questions I receive often. Take a look at some of the general info below that the About Me page may not have covered. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!


I’m a full-time blogger and influencer. I also do freelance photography, web design, and event curation.

My income is generated in a few different ways:

  • brand partnerships
  • freelance photography
  • sponsored blog & social media posts
  • online e-courses
  • in-person workshops
  • consultations
  • & (soon to come) coaching sessions

I teach people how to make money with social media. To learn more, visit here.

A number of different people do. I have my own camera. I usually don’t have time to organize a whole shoot so as I need it, I usually meet up with a friend for about 15 minutes to get my shot. Most of my friends aren’t professional photographers so that requires me to do a lot of the work which is usually underestimated how much work goes into it. I set up the settings of the camera (based on where we’re located), direct the person to be angled in a certain position to capture the best angles of myself, and then I edit the photos myself. It’s rare that I work with professional photographers now as the friends I do have that are professional photographers are usually busy. I also use my tripod and take my pictures remotely with an app on my phone when all else fails.

I have a Sony A 7II. I love it and it’s the best investment I’ve made thus far.

My parents are from Nigeria and I was born in Connecticut. I currently reside in Metro-Detroit.

I went to school for Software Engineering and Web Design. I dropped out after my third semester of school and worked a few retail jobs, a call center for Apple, and eventually became an Executive Administrative Assistant to a prominent psychologist. After a few years of job hopping, I went to a boot camp for web development and became a Software Engineer in about 5 months working for a corporation in Downtown Detroit for a little less than a year before going full-time as a blogger.

It absolutely is. When working with a brand consistently, it requires more than just snapping a pic and posting it to the gram. It requires thought out strategy:

  • what the brand wants you to convey
  • where to shoot
  • who will shoot
  • the strategy or message behind what you have to say
  • the copy that resonates with your following most authentically while still conveying the brand’s ideas
  • what time to post
  • finding the location to shoot
  • sending in the photo and copy for brand approval with the possibility it needs to be reshot before the deadline
  • scheduling the post
  • not posting too many sponsored posts back-to-back (which tends to lower engagement a lot)

Nothing is as easy at it looks. If you take anything seriously, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

It’s never easy and honestly, I don’t have it down pact yet. I think when you plan to do things with intention, things will come easier. I’ve been learning to do everything with intention that way I don’t seem all over the place. In the meantime, taking a break from social media when needed is always something I find relaxing and a great detox from added stress. I do what I have to do to pay the bills (i.e. brand partnerships, sponsored posts, etc.) and then I log off for a few days. If I don’t, I’d be way more chaotic than what life throws me already.

I started out by writing about things I loved or were passionate about. I wrote about poetry, things that troubled me, and fashion. I suggest writing about things you’re interested in and be genuine and as vulnerable as you’re willing to allow. When you’re genuine and vulnerable, it resonates with your audience and you’ll grow more, faster. After writing for so long, I started learning photography from friends who took pictures of me starting out. I then bought my own camera, developed my own style, and grew from there. Write, write, write, then watch yourself grow.

For more info on how to start your blog, you can check out more information here.

I haven’t posted anything bc I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t done any work bc I didn’t want to. I didn’t promote anything bc it feels silly and insincere during this time. While I feel guilty for some of this, I’ve personally felt better as a whole. In the words of a recent meme: The whole world is currently experiencing anxiety and I finally feel leveled with everyone. I feel normal. I’ve enjoyed neglecting my email log in. Sleeping in late. And waking up with no sense of urgency the to do anything next day.

In these tumultuous times the whole world is facing together, I hope you’ve been holding space for you. I’ve been doing nothing and for the first time, it feels fucking great. Space for me.

Love and light ✨

I haven’t posted anything bc...

International Women’s Day mean community. One-ness. Collaboration over completion. Thank you @central_detroit for an amazing brunch with some of my amazing boss Detroit entrepreneurs, old + new 💕

Cc: @breannwhite

International Women’s Day mean community....

I did a thing with #Playboy in promotion of their condoms and safe sex a few weeks ago. Couldn’t post these exact pics bc it was part of an entity then didn’t have permission or time to ask for permission to post. Still wanted to show y’all how we came with the creative direction lol. Shoutout to my team @crossoniam 📸 & @dredotty location.


I did a thing with...

You are and always will be enough. If you’re too “much” for someone, they were probably too little for you anyway.

You are and always will...

Swooning at the amount of support I received last week for this impromptu Galentine’s Dinner I hosted at @theblockdetroit! Super appreciative of all the phenomenal ladies & gents I was surrounded by. In some shape, you all are inspirational and monumental and we couldn’t have been more grateful to have you take moment to celebrate yourselves at The Block last week.

It was a dream and the dinner literally lifted spirits. I thank every last one of you all for coming out and I can’t wait to see more of you at #TheBlockDetroit!  A huge shoutout to the owners, the chef, and the incredible staff for serving us family style and heavily filling us to capacity with great food, drinks, laughter, and love. ❤️ Stay tuned for more!
If you see yourself or someone you know, tag away! 
Cc: @crossoniam

Swooning at the amount of...

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that a lot of people don’t have or even know what a media kit is and why it’s imperative you have one if you’re on social media with something to say or have any kind of influence.

Media kits change the game. They’re great bc they help you negotiate for bigger contracts and land four/five figure deals. It also shows brands that you mean business which makes them take you seriously and prevents them from lowballing you. It helps you negotiate for more money.

It’s a quick way to say to brands, “hey, this is who I am. This is what I do. This is who I’ve worked with. This is why I’m an expert in my field. This is why you should pay me xxx amount versus x amount,”. Period, point, blank.

If you’re a speaker, you need a media kit. If you’re an influencer, you DEFINITELY need a media kit. If you’re a blogger, vlogger, social media guru, baker, chef, artist photographer, comedienne, etc., you should have a media kit. Everyone just about needs a media kit.

If you want that comped meal, free press trip, higher paid collab, you NEED a media kit. It gives brands a reason to connect with you bc you have something they want to look at. Nothing should be typed out via email. You should always show off your analytics with a media kit. When you were applying for a job, did you type out ever single job experience or did you submit a resume? It’s the same thing.

I’ve seen way too many ppl with higher reach than myself receive $200 for one post and not use their media kits to land higher paid gigs. In 2020 I really don’t want to see anyone receiving less than $800 a post bare minimum no matter what the following is. If you have the engagement, the conversion will speak for itself. If you have the conversion, the brands will pay bc that’s all that matters. 500 followers that buy on command versus 25k that does nothing, still wins and can easily merit $1,000 or more per post if you have a media kit to prove this.

In a few weeks, I’ll be dropping a FREE.99 IGTV about creating media kits, what should go in them, how you negotiate with your media kit to get more money, and more. Stay tuned! Drop a💪🏾 if you’re ready for this free lesson!

It occurred to me a...

Go where you’re loved.
Stay where it’s consistent.
Happy Monday.

Cc: @crossoniam

Go where you’re loved. Stay...

Today is Valentine’s Day! And before you go off to celebrate with your significant other orrrrr have an encouraging one night stand, when you do, do “it”, make sure “it’s” strapped up.

Some facts for my people: • About 45% of African Americans make up the population of those who are HIV infected
• About 55% of all REPORTED cases of gonorrhea occur among BLACK Americans
• The rate of chlamydia amongst black women was 5x the rate amongst white women
• 6.8x higher is the rate amongst black men in comparison to white men when it came to chlamydia
• Theres a 40% increase in congenital syphilis cases between 2017-2018 meaning more women in America are not only contracting syphilis, but are now passing it to their babies 😳😳😳 And for those of you who just aren’t ready yet, fun fact: • Back in 2015, a lot of babies were conceived during the week of Valentine’s Day, which is up a full 6% compared to any other average week that year!

Don’t stop doing it, have a great time! But make sure when you do it, you’re doing it SAFE. 
Respect your partner this V-Day with @playboy condoms you can find at your local @walmart!

This message brought to you by your local, Detroit, safe sex advocate 😉 
#playboycondoms #justthetips #safesex #ad

Today is Valentine’s Day! And...

Small boobs, big dreams.

@savagexfenty #savagexfenty #savagexirl

Small boobs, big dreams. @savagexfenty...

Women with ambition run their business, not their mouths ✨

Women with ambition run their...

Not everyone is worth your twist out. But with the help of @curls Poppin’ Pineapple Collection, you’ll never miss every time you let your hair down.

Watch my IGTV to see how achieved this bouncy twist out on my @hautekinkyhair kinky curly extensions.  Available @walmart! #curls

Not everyone is worth your...

When I first met Domo, it was freshman year of high school in year 2005. We had home room together in the library. She was sooooo pretty to me. She was like a shiny Barbie doll and I wanted her to be my friend. But based on her facial expressions and highly arched eyebrows, I thought she was a total popular ass, potentially stuck up bitch. I was wrong. But bc of that, we never really spoke much unless she was buying hot Cheetos from me (bc I was the candy selling queen in 05 😂) and I was easily intimidated back then.

Fast forward to around 2015, we randomly started coming around each other whenever she came back in town to shoot with Dre. We organically drifted towards one another and from there our friendship grew.

I never knew what she saw in me and still sees bc in another dimension, we probably wouldn’t be friends. We have absolutely nothing in common. But bc we’re both such genuine, honest, caring individuals always looking for a good time and sincerely wishing the best for one another, we’ve always had each other’s backs. What can I say? At the end of the day, real will always recognize real and that’s ultimately the glue that keeps us together and naturally relays respect for one another.

I love you to infinity and beyond, bitch. Happy birthday @domiskloset! To 29, fine like wine ✨

When I first met Domo,...