Below are some questions I receive often. Take a look at some of the general info below that the About Me page may not have covered. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!


I’m a full-time blogger and influencer. I also do freelance photography, web design, and event curation.

My income is generated in a few different ways:

  • brand partnerships
  • freelance photography
  • sponsored blog & social media posts
  • online e-courses
  • in-person workshops
  • consultations
  • & (soon to come) coaching sessions

I teach people how to make money with social media. To learn more, visit here.

A number of different people do. I have my own camera. I usually don’t have time to organize a whole shoot so as I need it, I usually meet up with a friend for about 15 minutes to get my shot. Most of my friends aren’t professional photographers so that requires me to do a lot of the work which is usually underestimated how much work goes into it. I set up the settings of the camera (based on where we’re located), direct the person to be angled in a certain position to capture the best angles of myself, and then I edit the photos myself. It’s rare that I work with professional photographers now as the friends I do have that are professional photographers are usually busy. I also use my tripod and take my pictures remotely with an app on my phone when all else fails.

I have a Sony A 7II. I love it and it’s the best investment I’ve made thus far.

My parents are from Nigeria and I was born in Connecticut. I currently reside in Metro-Detroit.

I went to school for Software Engineering and Web Design. I dropped out after my third semester of school and worked a few retail jobs, a call center for Apple, and eventually became an Executive Administrative Assistant to a prominent psychologist. After a few years of job hopping, I went to a boot camp for web development and became a Software Engineer in about 5 months working for a corporation in Downtown Detroit for a little less than a year before going full-time as a blogger.

It absolutely is. When working with a brand consistently, it requires more than just snapping a pic and posting it to the gram. It requires thought out strategy:

  • what the brand wants you to convey
  • where to shoot
  • who will shoot
  • the strategy or message behind what you have to say
  • the copy that resonates with your following most authentically while still conveying the brand’s ideas
  • what time to post
  • finding the location to shoot
  • sending in the photo and copy for brand approval with the possibility it needs to be reshot before the deadline
  • scheduling the post
  • not posting too many sponsored posts back-to-back (which tends to lower engagement a lot)

Nothing is as easy at it looks. If you take anything seriously, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

It’s never easy and honestly, I don’t have it down pact yet. I think when you plan to do things with intention, things will come easier. I’ve been learning to do everything with intention that way I don’t seem all over the place. In the meantime, taking a break from social media when needed is always something I find relaxing and a great detox from added stress. I do what I have to do to pay the bills (i.e. brand partnerships, sponsored posts, etc.) and then I log off for a few days. If I don’t, I’d be way more chaotic than what life throws me already.

I started out by writing about things I loved or were passionate about. I wrote about poetry, things that troubled me, and fashion. I suggest writing about things you’re interested in and be genuine and as vulnerable as you’re willing to allow. When you’re genuine and vulnerable, it resonates with your audience and you’ll grow more, faster. After writing for so long, I started learning photography from friends who took pictures of me starting out. I then bought my own camera, developed my own style, and grew from there. Write, write, write, then watch yourself grow.

For more info on how to start your blog, you can check out more information here.