Get to know me a bit! Here are some of the questions I get on a consistent basis. If you ever want to know more, just ask!

What camera do you use?

I, in particular, don't own a camera but I do preference for a personal small camera, the Sony a5000 series.

Who takes your pictures for you?

I work with several photographers that I favor in the city of Detroit. My favorite is Stephen Crosson.

Do you use photoshop or any other editing softwares for your photos?

It depends. Most of the time my photographer handles that in Lightroom but when he does, I give strict instruction for them not to be over-edited. I like my photos natural and barely touched if possible.

Do you work out and if so what is your work out regime?

I don't work out anymore like I once did but I anticipate getting back to the gym on a consistent basis. When I did work out, I worked out for three days out of the week, every other day.

How did you get into blogging and web development?

When I was about sixteen, I used to blog everyday on an online journal. Back then blogging, wasn't considered as it now with fashion tips and tutorials as much as it was just a diary online. From there, I realized I hated how my templates looked and always wanted to edit them. So without any experience or idea what I was doing, I'd edit my HTML code until it looked how I wanted it to look. From there, I continued with my hobby of editing my templates and blogging and realized I wanted to turn this into career. I did my research on how to go about that path and here I am.

What is your real name and what does the "G" stand for?

My real name is Charlene Chioma Okwu. The nickname Charlie G. came from myself having a fascination with girls with boy nicknames. The "G" came from a nickname an old friend named me, "Godiva", in correlation to my chocolate skin and so I shortened it from Charlene Godiva, to Charlie G.

What ethnicity are you and where are you from?

My parents were born in Nigeria and my twin brother and I were born in New Haven, Connecticut; I am Igbo.

What inspires you?

Freedom to enjoy what I'm doing, to not being confined to any one spot or thing, and the love I have for aesthetics.