Charlie & Dre’s Beginner Photography Workshop – EXPRESS Edition

The path to successful blogging and branding is not typically the easiest route. We’ve gone through many ups and downs, confusion, and self-doubt. However, through tons of research and sharing what works for one another, we’ve mastered that through great high-resolution photos, we’ve opened more doors for ourselves than most. We understand that in today’s world of modern technology and social media, high-resolution photos are a necessity to enhance your social media and get noticed faster. Through this workshop, we will break down to beginner/intermediate bloggers and aspiring photographers alike the intimidating parts of shooting and editing. We will also teach you the business side of reaching out to brands and leveraging your work for paid partnerships! If you are an aspiring photographer and blogger looking to take your content the next level, then this is for you!

You're tired of not fully comprehending the basics of photography and are tired of shelling out your hard earned cash for a photographer.

You’ve googled and watched several tutorials online but are still confused on how to properly memorize important features such as the Exposure Triangle and need a live person to break down your questions and give you practical experience on the spot. YouTube is the go-to but isn’t practical for those rare scenarios when your camera doesn’t work as expected. You followed what the tutorial said verbatim but still don’t see similar results.

When we first started, we had troubles comprehending the basics too. Many a time, we’ve struggled and didn’t have a mentor, a forum, or the slightest clue on what to do. Now we’ve figured out a way to break down what seems difficult to the very basics to help you develop a new skill set confidently and faster.

Between us, do you struggle with or want to learn:

  • how to shoot correctly?


  • how to organize your camera settings?


  • how to learn basic editing?


  • what the best tools to use are?


  • HANDS ON experience using a mirrorless or DSLR camera?


  • and more?

Trust us, we get it.

When I first started micro-blogging, my pictures were all poor-quality taken from an iPhone 4 back when Instagram first had those borders that newcomers thought were extra cool – which were so not! After looking at the aesthetic of some of the most popular travel bloggers and photographers, I realized I wanted my Instagram account to have a certain look and feel to it when visited. I had way less than the number of followers I do now and never knew that I could receive free product from brands in exchange for posts let alone being compensated based on the overall look! When I began to take shooting and posting high-resolution photos seriously, I almost immediately began to see a huge increase in the number of followers I gained, the number of likes I received, and the number of brands interested in collaborating with me for both Influencer work and photography.

As for Dre, he was always the person in high school with a camera documenting our high school experience. Even then, he always had an eye for taking pictures for Myspace, Crushspot, and the early stages of Facebook with his point and shoot camera and iPhone. After taking a film photography course as an elective, his love for photography began to grow and it is there where learned the basics of how to use a manual camera and also develop an eye. A few more photography courses later, he began to take what he learned and apply it. As he grew, the bulk of what he’s learned was from on the job experiences and Youtube University. Now, he has growing clientele in Detroit and also travels nationally to work with other clients as well.

Charlie & Dre's Photography Workshop will teach you:

  • how to spruce up your social media with high-resolution photos


  • the editing basics


  • HANDS ON experience on how to use your camera and shoot your peers


  • the different kinds of equipment you should use


  • and much more, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This is actually something you can do with a little bit of help.

You just need some direction, which is where we step in.

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Come Instagram-ready!

Come ready to slay!

As we teach you all hands-on experience with your cameras, you will be posing and modeling as the subjects for your peers during this workshop. We will be creating content not only for you to practice shooting and editing with immediately, but also for you to have content of yourself to post on your own social media pages to begin sprucing up your social media!


See some of the photos below from a few of our previous students showcasing what they learned the same day they took these pictures at our Beginner’s Photography Workshop!

Images by student @jfancy_


Images by student @lifewithalaurent


Who This Is For:

  • anyone interested in taking their brand to the next level
  • anyone interested in learning a new skill set with complete breakdowns
  • those looking to get paid from their hobbies/passions
  • anyone who’s tired of relying on others to take their photos or using their solely their smartphones for professional photos


What You Will Learn:


  • read and understand what the different kinds of analytics mean
  • use hacks and techniques to attract a larger organic following and reveal instant results
  • strategically convert followers into customers/subscribers
  • and more!


The Price Includes:


  • hands-on  experience from both Dre Dotty and Charlie G. showing you how to use both a mirrorless and DSLR camera
  • a full workbook
  • group consultations of all your social media accounts with immediate suggestions and takeaways to begin working on
  • full course meal provided
  • & much more!

Success Stories

“Charlie & Dre’s Photography Workshop for Beginners was by far the most informative ever! The workshop included the basic function of several cameras, equipment, do’s and don’ts for social media and how to reach out to brands for profit. The workshop also included a step by step workbook to reference for future use. Definitely, a must attend!”


Farmington Hills, MI

“Before Charlie and Dre’s Photography Blogger BootCamp, I didn’t even own a camera other than my iPhone. Their course gave me the confidence and understanding to pursue what was initially a passion, but now photography is my main source of income and it literally pays my rent! Charlie is my entrepreneurial inspiration and I would recommend this course for anyone willing to invest in their own future.”


Detroit, MI

“Charlie and Dre’s photography workshop was everything! I went in with some knowledge of photography and left knowing pretty much everything one should know about basic photography. I’m so glad I invested in myself! They were both very attentive and detailed. I left their class taking photos 10 times better than when I first arrived. I will always be grateful for all of the skills I learned at this workshop. I now have my own photography business called, Lauren Taylor Photography!”


Detroit, MI

Bonuses Included:


Grow your brand faster with these amazing bonuses:

By the end of this program, you should be able to successfully comfortable use a DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease and confidence, plan out your goals efficiently, and more! You should be able to plan and stay on top of your extra earned income each quarter. You’ll have the tools necessary to reach out, negotiate, and land major brand opportunities and continue to grow your brand.

The techniques displayed in this program and e-courses are what we use to execute, edit, and deliver high-quality photos for ourselves and clients which land us well-paying clients, comped trips, and other major collaborations every day. It’s now up to you to take the leap and make the decision to begin taking your brand to the next level!

*While this program provides assistance in growing and expanding one’s skill set, results are not guaranteed. It is our job to provide the best information possible from our processes that you can instill in yours, but will not be held liable if the user does not enjoy intended results.

Charlie G. is a full-time influencer and blogger for and freelance photographer. She has been blogging for 10+ years and doing photography for 3 years, making a living from it full-time for about 2 years and counting. She has worked with many clients including Kiko Davis, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, Jabs Gym, and more. Her zest for lifestyle photography pushed her into shooting and producing the same quality lifestyle shots for others as she does for herself. Dre Dotty has been a full-time photographer for 5 years and counting. He owns his studio on the west side of Detroit where he unleashes his creativity.  He has been building his clientele locally in Detroit and other states such as Atlanta and Chicago all thanks to social media. The source of his income comes from residual clients whom he has built strong relationships with while developing new relationships on a monthly basis using the tactics and skills we will teach in the Photography Workshop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Due to the nature of this product, we do NOT issue refunds.
*Unauthorized distribution of this product is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Bamboo Detroit #301

I haven’t posted anything bc I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t done any work bc I didn’t want to. I didn’t promote anything bc it feels silly and insincere during this time. While I feel guilty for some of this, I’ve personally felt better as a whole. In the words of a recent meme: The whole world is currently experiencing anxiety and I finally feel leveled with everyone. I feel normal. I’ve enjoyed neglecting my email log in. Sleeping in late. And waking up with no sense of urgency the to do anything next day.

In these tumultuous times the whole world is facing together, I hope you’ve been holding space for you. I’ve been doing nothing and for the first time, it feels fucking great. Space for me.

Love and light ✨

I haven’t posted anything bc...

International Women’s Day mean community. One-ness. Collaboration over completion. Thank you @central_detroit for an amazing brunch with some of my amazing boss Detroit entrepreneurs, old + new 💕

Cc: @breannwhite

International Women’s Day mean community....

I did a thing with #Playboy in promotion of their condoms and safe sex a few weeks ago. Couldn’t post these exact pics bc it was part of an entity then didn’t have permission or time to ask for permission to post. Still wanted to show y’all how we came with the creative direction lol. Shoutout to my team @crossoniam 📸 & @dredotty location.


I did a thing with...

You are and always will be enough. If you’re too “much” for someone, they were probably too little for you anyway.

You are and always will...

Swooning at the amount of support I received last week for this impromptu Galentine’s Dinner I hosted at @theblockdetroit! Super appreciative of all the phenomenal ladies & gents I was surrounded by. In some shape, you all are inspirational and monumental and we couldn’t have been more grateful to have you take moment to celebrate yourselves at The Block last week.

It was a dream and the dinner literally lifted spirits. I thank every last one of you all for coming out and I can’t wait to see more of you at #TheBlockDetroit!  A huge shoutout to the owners, the chef, and the incredible staff for serving us family style and heavily filling us to capacity with great food, drinks, laughter, and love. ❤️ Stay tuned for more!
If you see yourself or someone you know, tag away! 
Cc: @crossoniam

Swooning at the amount of...

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that a lot of people don’t have or even know what a media kit is and why it’s imperative you have one if you’re on social media with something to say or have any kind of influence.

Media kits change the game. They’re great bc they help you negotiate for bigger contracts and land four/five figure deals. It also shows brands that you mean business which makes them take you seriously and prevents them from lowballing you. It helps you negotiate for more money.

It’s a quick way to say to brands, “hey, this is who I am. This is what I do. This is who I’ve worked with. This is why I’m an expert in my field. This is why you should pay me xxx amount versus x amount,”. Period, point, blank.

If you’re a speaker, you need a media kit. If you’re an influencer, you DEFINITELY need a media kit. If you’re a blogger, vlogger, social media guru, baker, chef, artist photographer, comedienne, etc., you should have a media kit. Everyone just about needs a media kit.

If you want that comped meal, free press trip, higher paid collab, you NEED a media kit. It gives brands a reason to connect with you bc you have something they want to look at. Nothing should be typed out via email. You should always show off your analytics with a media kit. When you were applying for a job, did you type out ever single job experience or did you submit a resume? It’s the same thing.

I’ve seen way too many ppl with higher reach than myself receive $200 for one post and not use their media kits to land higher paid gigs. In 2020 I really don’t want to see anyone receiving less than $800 a post bare minimum no matter what the following is. If you have the engagement, the conversion will speak for itself. If you have the conversion, the brands will pay bc that’s all that matters. 500 followers that buy on command versus 25k that does nothing, still wins and can easily merit $1,000 or more per post if you have a media kit to prove this.

In a few weeks, I’ll be dropping a FREE.99 IGTV about creating media kits, what should go in them, how you negotiate with your media kit to get more money, and more. Stay tuned! Drop a💪🏾 if you’re ready for this free lesson!

It occurred to me a...

Go where you’re loved.
Stay where it’s consistent.
Happy Monday.

Cc: @crossoniam

Go where you’re loved. Stay...

Today is Valentine’s Day! And before you go off to celebrate with your significant other orrrrr have an encouraging one night stand, when you do, do “it”, make sure “it’s” strapped up.

Some facts for my people: • About 45% of African Americans make up the population of those who are HIV infected
• About 55% of all REPORTED cases of gonorrhea occur among BLACK Americans
• The rate of chlamydia amongst black women was 5x the rate amongst white women
• 6.8x higher is the rate amongst black men in comparison to white men when it came to chlamydia
• Theres a 40% increase in congenital syphilis cases between 2017-2018 meaning more women in America are not only contracting syphilis, but are now passing it to their babies 😳😳😳 And for those of you who just aren’t ready yet, fun fact: • Back in 2015, a lot of babies were conceived during the week of Valentine’s Day, which is up a full 6% compared to any other average week that year!

Don’t stop doing it, have a great time! But make sure when you do it, you’re doing it SAFE. 
Respect your partner this V-Day with @playboy condoms you can find at your local @walmart!

This message brought to you by your local, Detroit, safe sex advocate 😉 
#playboycondoms #justthetips #safesex #ad

Today is Valentine’s Day! And...

Small boobs, big dreams.

@savagexfenty #savagexfenty #savagexirl

Small boobs, big dreams. @savagexfenty...

Women with ambition run their business, not their mouths ✨

Women with ambition run their...

Not everyone is worth your twist out. But with the help of @curls Poppin’ Pineapple Collection, you’ll never miss every time you let your hair down.

Watch my IGTV to see how achieved this bouncy twist out on my @hautekinkyhair kinky curly extensions.  Available @walmart! #curls

Not everyone is worth your...

When I first met Domo, it was freshman year of high school in year 2005. We had home room together in the library. She was sooooo pretty to me. She was like a shiny Barbie doll and I wanted her to be my friend. But based on her facial expressions and highly arched eyebrows, I thought she was a total popular ass, potentially stuck up bitch. I was wrong. But bc of that, we never really spoke much unless she was buying hot Cheetos from me (bc I was the candy selling queen in 05 😂) and I was easily intimidated back then.

Fast forward to around 2015, we randomly started coming around each other whenever she came back in town to shoot with Dre. We organically drifted towards one another and from there our friendship grew.

I never knew what she saw in me and still sees bc in another dimension, we probably wouldn’t be friends. We have absolutely nothing in common. But bc we’re both such genuine, honest, caring individuals always looking for a good time and sincerely wishing the best for one another, we’ve always had each other’s backs. What can I say? At the end of the day, real will always recognize real and that’s ultimately the glue that keeps us together and naturally relays respect for one another.

I love you to infinity and beyond, bitch. Happy birthday @domiskloset! To 29, fine like wine ✨

When I first met Domo,...