Reclaiming My Figure w/Clay Hova Fitness

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I’m excited to hop on board and see results.

A huge goal of mine is to get and remain fit. I’ve been stress eating and slowly gaining weight. What may not be as noticeable on social media is definitely most noticeable behind closed doors. I’ve managed to hide the weight gain fairly  well, however. I’ve dressed appropriately, wearing less crop tops or more high-waisted apparel, avoided super tight clothing, and remained in denial while continuing to unhealthily binge eat. But enough has been enough and I’ve officially gotten myself back in the ropes.

I’ve partnered with Clay Hova, owner of Clay Hova Fitness, to make drastic results over the next 3-6 months. Clay Hova specializes in personal training and boxing lessons. He also provides meal prepping for those interested. Boxing and working out since age 17, Clay has competed in over 30 competitions as an amateur with a pro record of 5KOs – 1. Clay’s interest for keeping the community healthy and looking their best stems from his love for helping the inner city of Detroit. He also has a non-profit organization known as Clay Hova Cares, who comes together to cook 100+ meals for the homeless. He also assists with the DPS school water crisis, dropping off 10+ cases of water to DPS schools.

With affordable rates and acceptable times, Clay accommodates for those as best he can with workout times as early in the morning and those who get off work immediately looking to end the day’s hard work with a little sweat. When you meet with Clay, the first thing he does gets a feel what areas you have concern with most. He constructs a plan that’s geared specifically to you and your goals and takes measurements before and after pictures. Each month, he does this to notate results.

I’m excited to hop on board for this and see results. I meet with him three times a week, two of the days to train regularly and one of the days to box. To see rates based on the amount of days etc, check out Clay Hova Fitness for more info and stay tuned for my health journey!


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Reclaiming My Figure w/Clay Hova Fitness