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February 24, 2019

The path to successful blogging and branding is not typically the easiest route. We’ve gone through many ups and downs, confusion, and self-doubt. However, through tons of research and sharing what works for one another, we’ve mastered that through great high-resolution photos, we’ve opened more doors for ourselves than most. We understand that in today’s world of modern technology and social media, high-resolution photos are a necessity to enhance your social media and get noticed faster. Through this workshop, we will break down to beginner/intermediate bloggers and aspiring photographers alike the intimidating parts of shooting and editing. We will also teach you the business side of reaching out to brands and leveraging your work for paid partnerships! If you are an aspiring photographer and blogger looking to take your content the next level, then this is for you!

You're tired of not fully comprehending the basics of photography and are tired of shelling out your hard earned cash for a photographer.

You’ve googled and watched several tutorials online but are still confused on how to properly memorize important features such as the Exposure Triangle and need a live person to break down your questions and give you practical experience on the spot. YouTube is the go-to but isn’t practical for those rare scenarios when your camera doesn’t work as expected. You followed what the tutorial said verbatim but still don’t see similar results.

When we first started, we had troubles comprehending the basics too. Many a time, we’ve struggled and didn’t have a mentor, a forum, or the slightest clue on what to do. Now we’ve figured out a way to break down what seems difficult to the very basics to help you develop a new skill set confidently and faster.

Between us, do you struggle with or want to learn:

  • how to shoot correctly?


  • how to learn basic editing?


  • what the best tools to use are?


  • how to use your new skills to land compensated gigs?


  • and more?

Trust us, we get it.

When I first started micro-blogging, my pictures were all poor-quality taken from an iPhone 4 back when Instagram first had those borders that newcomers thought were extra cool – which were so not! After looking at the aesthetic of some of the most popular travel bloggers and photographers, I realized I wanted my Instagram account to have a certain look and feel to it when visited. I had way less than the number of followers I do now and never knew that I could receive free product from brands in exchange for posts let alone being compensated based on the overall look! When I began to take shooting and posting high-resolution photos seriously, I almost immediately began to see a huge increase in the number of followers I gained, the number of likes I received, and the number of brands interested in collaborating with me for both Influencer work and photography.

As for Dre, he was always the person in high school with a camera documenting our high school experience. Even then, he always had an eye for taking pictures for Myspace, Crushspot, and the early stages of Facebook with his point and shoot camera and iPhone. After taking a film photography course as an elective, his love for photography began to grow and it is there where learned the basics of how to use a manual camera and also develop an eye. A few more photography courses later, he began to take what he learned and apply it. As he grew, the bulk of what he’s learned was from on the job experiences and Youtube University. Now, he has growing clientele in Detroit and also travels nationally to work with other clients as well.

Charlie & Dre's Photography Workshop will teach you:

  • how to spruce up your social media with high-resolution photos


  • the editing basics


  • how to create a cohesive Instagram layout that will attract many clients and opportunities


  • how to create a media kit



  • how to reach out to brands with your portfolio



  • how to negotiate prices and get paid your worth



  • how to monetize your social media and bring that traffic over to your personal platforms



  • the different kinds of equipment you should use



  • and much more, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This is actually something you can do with a little bit of help.

You just need some direction, which is where we step in.

Introducing Charlie & Dre’s Beginner’s Photography Workshop held at Bamboo Detroit, February 24, 2019, from 1pm-6pm.


Who This Is For:

  • anyone interested in taking their brand to the next level
  • anyone interested in learning a new skill set with complete breakdowns
  • those looking to get paid from their hobbies/passions
  • anyone who’s tired of relying on others to take their photos or using their solely their smartphones for professional photos


What You Will Learn:


  • read and understand what the different kinds of analytics mean
  • use hacks and techniques to attract a larger organic following and reveal instant results
  • strategically convert followers into customers/subscribers
  • and more!


The Price Includes:


  • a step by step run-through from both Dre Dotty and Charlie G
  • a full workbook
  • group consultations of all your social media accounts with immediate suggestions and takeaways to begin working on
  • full course meal provided
  • hands-on experience with your own personal camera or one of ours
  • & much more!

Bonuses Included:


Grow your brand faster with these amazing bonuses:

By the end of this program, you should be able to successfully comfortable use a DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease and confidence, plan out your goals efficiently, and more! You should be able to plan and stay on top of your extra earned income each quarter. You’ll have the tools necessary to reach out, negotiate, and land major brand opportunities and continue to grow your brand.

The techniques displayed in this program and e-courses are what we use to execute, edit, and deliver high-quality photos for ourselves and clients which land us well-paying clients, comped trips, and other major collaborations every day. It’s now up to you to take the leap and make the decision to begin taking your brand to the next level!

*While this program provides assistance in growing and expanding one’s skill set, results are not guaranteed. It is our job to provide the best information possible from our processes that you can instill in yours, but will not be held liable if the user does not enjoy intended results.

Charlie G. is a full-time influencer and blogger for iamcharlieg.com and freelance photographer. She has been blogging for 10+ years and doing photography for 3 years. and has been making a living from it full-time for about 2 years and counting. She has worked with many clients including Kiko Davis, Dr. Sabrina, Jabs Gym, and more. Dre Dotty is a full-time photographer….

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Feel feel to reach out directly at info@iamcharlieg.com.
Due to the nature of this product, we do NOT issue refunds.
*Unauthorized distribution of this product is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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Bamboo Detroit #301

BIG 2020 Mood: count the invoices, not the likes.

BIG 2020 Mood: count the...

Yoooooo, it’s lit! Excited to announce that I’m officially a #NovaBabe! @fashionnova is making their way to Detroit as we were one of FEW cities to be selected to launch their products in store! And what better way to support your favorite city by coming out this Sunday December 15th from 12-4 to @footlockerdetroit for the #FashionNova Brunch Lounge! Kick it with me and shop the latest Fashion Nova collection while enjoying complimentary brunch, manicure & massages, nail art, and a glam make up station! Link in @footlockerdetroit bio and it’s my favorite price - FREE.99! See y’all there 💕 
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Yoooooo, it’s lit! Excited to...

Ain’t no party like JxJ partyyyy.

Every time I think I’m done with shaking my ass for the year, either @jerkxjollof or @connectwithlo comes through with another MUST-ATTEND function.

I’m just tryna figure out what @jerkxjollof is up to next.... lemme find out y’all planning a NYE event. Who’d pull up for that?? 👀 📸 @breannwhite

Ain’t no party like JxJ...

Having me is a big flex. I feel sorry for dude who missed out🥴 📸 @jetsetymc

Having me is a big...

Calories, but make it worth it 🤤
On Sunday’s, we head to The Block with it! Catch me at @theblockdetroit for Sunday brunch. @djrighteous11 will be there spinning to carry out the vibes. #theblock #theblockdetroit

Calories, but make it worth...

When have you ever seen me wear this many accessories at one time??? I guess in celebration of this amazing woman, it was necessary. Happy birthday again @iamleahhill and thank you so much for the invite. We had fun and looked elegant doing so too.

When have you ever seen...

If you don’t fuck with me, you don’t have to pretend you do. It’s never that serious - in the words of @breajanea

If you don’t fuck with...

What y’all doing to be inspirational today? Who’s your go-to for inspiration? What moves you like Detroit moves the world? Comment below.

Be sure to be at @footlockerdetroit tomorrow for the release of the @distinctlife x @puma #INSPIRE pack ✨

What y’all doing to be...

Took time to pop into @bedrockdetroit’s newest pop up downtown, #TheStoryDetroit. Looking like a whole little coworking space for the holiday season with @dessert_oasis_coffee_roasters and more, catch me in there working all next week 😉

Took time to pop into...

All I ever wanted was EVERYTHING ✨

All I ever wanted was...

Giving y’all one last opportunity to catch these e-courses before (in the words of @jbellzz_) the holy trinity of temptation is over 😂 
Working with brands requires strategy and tact. How are you going to approach them? What are you going to say to get them to respond to you? You got the connect. Now what you do you say in the email to get more than just free stuff? How do you get PAID and be paid your worth? 
How do you land brand partnerships that keep money in your pockets for at least half the year? What goes in your media kit? Do you even know what a media kit is and why it’s important? Do you know why you need to negotiate vs accepting whatever they offer? And what does net -60 even mean anyway? When will you be getting paid exactly? And what’s usage rights and why should that double what I charge?

All these questions and more are answered in the e-courses.

DM me the word “CYBER” right now and I’ll send you the exclusive link with code to get your e-courses today ONLY for up to 60% off, all in the name of Cyber Monday.

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