Caesars Windsor Staycation

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I seriously cannot wait to come back for that dish alone

Staycations across the border are one of my favorite kinds of staycations simply because I can brag about being in a completely different country all the while it is less than 5 minutes away from Detroit.

I had the pleasure of visiting Caesars Windsor Hotel Thursday night with a treat to see comedian Whitney Cummings – who was hilarious by the way. Even during rush hour (which is the time I crossed the border), I was able to transition across the border with no issues or visits to immigration. As long as you have an enhanced license or your passport, you’re able to easily get across to Canada (via the tunnel). I travel to Windsor quite often to get my lashes done every 2-3 weeks so I’m fairly used to the ease of entering and leaving Canada. You’d expect it to be quite the hassle but as long as you state your reason for coming and keep it very simple and direct, you’ll have no troubles almost every time. Windsor is a quick 5 minutes away if you’re already located downtown Detroit.

I checked into my room in the Caesars Hotel in the Forum Tower which is newly renovated and immediately was greeted with the view of Detroit’s city skyline which was breathtaking. I had a huge comfortable king size bed and living room area with sofa and ottoman. The room is filled with mirrors which is clearly the running theme throughout the hotel which I love because who doesn’t like to look at themselves from all angles?

For dinner, I had the pleasure of dining at Neros Steakhouse and was greeted by the most considerate and amazing waiter. We ordered the roasted Atlantic lobster tail pasta which comes with shrimp, crab, and scallops – absolutely superb, the best thing I’ve ever had and I don’t like shrimp much or pasta and I was blown away. I seriously cannot wait to come back just for that dish alone. We also ordered the crisp seared crab cakes which were also delicious. We found that it didn’t need the citrus taste that it had but it was still delicious despite it. The duck fat roasted potatoes didn’t disappoint and also was presented beautifully. The noodles in the Atlantic lobster Mac and cheese were not noodles I’ve ever had but it too was also surprisingly delicious. To pair with our meals, I had the Pinot Noir which was great because I was looking for a good red wine to drink that wasn’t too bitter or dry and my friend had the Riesling. The waiter was both knowledgeable and considerate and gave nothing but the best suggestions.

The Whitney Cummings show was truly entertaining. Despite her constant quips against Detroit which were regrettably funny, she surprised me and had amazing, natural energy. All in all, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and would completely recommend the Caesars Hotel as a great option for a staycation that is also a change of scenery for those looking to escape Detroit for just a little while. The convenient thing I love most about the Caesars Hotel is that is 10 minutes away from downtown Detroit which is no different from any other place of leisure you’d think to visit down the street from you downtown as well.


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Out of office. ✌🏾 #WorldMentalHealthDay

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