Brome Sets The Bar

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If you read last month’s blog post about Brome Modern Eatery, then you’ve already come to understand how I began eating and falling in love with a good, well-made hamburger. Now I’ll further explain  this month, why Brome is the best and how they continue innovatively set the bar. Brome is one of my favorite restaurants because their focus isn’t primarily on the burger, their focus is healthy and clean eating all across the board. They’ve got you covered from their burgers, chicken sandwiches, vegan and vegetarian options, salads, shakes, and juice bar. They offer a wide variety of options and can provide more than aren’t on the menu. My top 3 favorite burgers to order are The Original, The One-Eyed Brome, and The Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

  • The Original – made of red onions, tomatoes, McClure’s pickles, Romaine lettuce, and Brome Sauce (which tastes fantabulous and I usually don’t like a wide variety of many sauces). I add like to add to this, turkey bacon and extra pickles.
  • The One-Eyed Brome – made of fried egg, provolone, avocado, beef bacon, tomatoes, and mayo. I typically replace the avocado with Brome Sauce and ask for either light mayo or add it on the side. It’s the messiest but most delicious burger I’ve ever had, and you know what they say: “The messier the burger, the better“.
  • The Grilled Chicken Sandwich – made of swiss cheese, tomatoes, red onions, Romaine lettuce, and Dijonnaise. The grilled chicken is one of the freshest I’ve ever had.

Their shakes are amazingly unique as well. My favorite is simply the Malted Chocolate shake but two fan favorites are the Cornflake shake and the seasonal cider donut milkshake which is coming around the corner soon this fall. In the cornflake shake, they use actual cornflakes and the cider donut shake, you can get either a mixture of donut balls or an actual donut at the top of the shake. An amazing delightful experience each time I go back for one.

What makes the Brome burger special is a combination of things. They’re warm and daily fresh-made brioche buns, their meat is 100% organic, grass-fed beef, and they have vegetarian and vegan options. The burger itself is comparable to that of a juicy, delectable gourmet burger if it’s not already considered one itself, and they now have the Impossible burger as well.

Located in their two prime locations in Downtown Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan, you can find Brome Modern Eatery at the addresses below:






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Brome Sets The Bar