5-Week Brand Building Program

“I don’t know where to start, and I don’t really know who to talk to (even though I know SO many people). I need more help with reaching out and pushing my brand more.

“I’ve sent a few pitches and reached out to a few brands but have gotten nothing back in return. I’m not sure I’m reaching out well or even know what to say it at all!”

“I’ve worked with brands before but have no idea to how to ask for my worth or even know what I should charge. I’m ready to get paid what I deserve.”

I land lucrative brand partnerships with iconic brands such as Playboy, Savage x Fenty, Planet Fitness, Forbes Under 30, Bumble, Grey Goose, Detroit Institute of Arts, StockX, Visit Detroit, and more every day! I learned how to negotiate and secure 5-figure deals through authenticity, self-branding, and experience of the influencer industry. I get paid to be myself and now is the time for you to do the same!

Does this sound like you?

“I have trouble figuring out how to start.”

“I need help learning how to create good content.”

“I need help growing my following.”

“I don’t have the time and am not good with time management.”

“I don’t know how to reach out to brands or pitch myself.”

“I don’t know how to use social media.”

“I have difficulty negotiating my worth.”

“I have no idea where to start.”

You're not alone!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to land paid campaigns or even confused with HOW to:

  • connect directly with brands
  • build your social media prescence
  • transform yourself into a brand
  • grow your following
  • negotiate your worth
  • understand the right way to use hashtags
  • craft proposals to land those 5-figure collaborations

Then this is for you!

The 5-Week Brand Building Course is a 5-week intensive, hands-on program that maps out a strategic plan personally catered to where you are on social media and branding. This program includes one-on-one time with Charlie G, weekly progress reports, takeaways for you to begin implementing immediately, and more. It does not include group sessions or pre-packaged materials. We work hand-in-hand to help you with your challenges based on where you are.

What You Get

This is a personlized one-on-one program. No group classes, no pre-packaged materials. All catered respectively to you and your own challenges that you are facing.

  • one hour per week, one-on-one consultation time with me via Zoom, personally navigating through your platforms, concerns, questions, and personalizing a plan specifically for you to begin your journey to successful branding and growth
  • lifetime FREE access to my Monetizing Your Social Media E-course
  • access to me for questions and comments in between meetings while implementing personalized steps towards your goals
  • plenty more!

5-Week Curriculum

  • platforms
  • themes
  • setting up your website
  • defining your niche
  • social media content planning
  • social media strategy and organization
  • creating your Instagram aesthetic
  • restructuring your bio
  • quality content
  • your stories
  • hashtags
  • tagging
  • creating an editorial calendar
  • time management
  • Instagram growth strategty
  • creating your media kit
  • what to say when reaching out to brands
  • pitching to brands
  • how to get the right brand contacts
  • using your resources to find brand contacts outside of Instagram
  • defining your deliverables
  • pricing your deliverables approriately
  • negotiating your worth to brands
  • income goals and howto achieve them with the Charlie G. Goal Planner
  • any section you’d like to revisit or focus on

Get Started Now!

Choose the plan that works best for you.



Accepting  4 slots for April – May, so act fast!