Charlie & Bria’s Blogger Bootcamp

The path to successful blogging and branding ourselves hasn’t been the easiest route. We’ve gone through many trials and tribulations, confusion, moments of disparity, and self-doubt. However, through tons of research and sharing our experiences of what works and what doesn’t, we’ve successfully managed to leave our jobs and rely on ourselves to reign in full-time income! With our help, you can too!

You're tired of not fully comprehending the basics of photography and are tired of shelling out your hard earned cash for a photographer.

You’ve googled and watched several tutorials online but are still confused on how to properly memorize important features such as the Exposure Triangle and need a live person to break down your questions and give you practical experience on the spot. YouTube is the go-to but isn’t practical for those rare scenarios when your camera doesn’t work as expected. You followed what the tutorial said verbatim but still don’t see similar results.

When we first started, we had troubles comprehending the basics too. Many a time, we’ve struggled and didn’t have a mentor, a forum, or the slightest clue on what to do. Now we’ve figured out a way to break down what seems difficult to the very basics to help you develop a new skill set confidently and faster.

Between us, do you struggle with or want to learn:

  • how to grow your social media following organically?
  • the secrets of when to post and how to get more likes and reach a broader audience?
  • what the best platforms are and why to go with a specific platform over another?
  • how to brand yourself to begin to be taken seriously by brands?
  • how to pitch yourself to brands you love and begin to get paid by them?
  • & more?

Trust us, we get it.


When I first started blogging, I had way less than the number of followers I do now and never knew that I could receive free product from brands in exchange for posts let alone being compensated for it! When I began to take it more seriously, I was a depressed software engineer, working for a company who didn’t appreciate nor value my worth. Being confined within four walls to a desk made me realize I was a prisoner to my own life. It dawned on me when I realized how much vacation time I had per year. I wanted to travel whenever for however long I wanted and still get paid. It was then that I made that transition into yielding my future by my terms.

For Bria, she loved being in front of the camera and began modeling at 16. She started her YouTube Channel in 2013 but eventually put it on the back burner. She started it back up in 2015 and by 2017, her online presence grew rapidly and she began to earn enough income from YouTube, thus causing her to feel overwhelmed and unhappy working her full-time job in customer service. On a vacation to LA that summer, she gained clarity of her next career move. She too realized that being confined to a desk was not something she wanted to do any longer and put her two weeks in as soon as she returned. Now Bria is fulfilling her dream, doing what she’s most passionate about, discovering her destiny each day.

Now, between the two of us, we’ve organically gained over 37,000 followers and counting from January to December of 2017. Even with the new Instagram algorithm, our Instagram engagement in likes have increased by 275% within the same timeframe, and we both work solely for ourselves within a few short months of parting with our previous jobs.

Charlie & Bria's Blogger Bootcamp will teach you:

  • how to spruce up your social media and begin actually micro-blogging
  • how to monetize your social media and bring that traffic over to your personal platforms
  • the type of equipment you should use
  • how to brand yourself to be taken seriously and transition into full-time self-employment
  • how to pitch yourself and begin getting paid by your favorite brands
  • how to get paid what you are worth
  • how to negotiate and bargain with brands on your deliverables and fees
  • how to make a media kit
  • how to leverage and network with other bloggers in exchange for cross-promotion
  • & much more, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Who This Is For:

  • anyone interested in taking their brand to the next level
  • anyone interested in learning a new skill set with complete breakdowns
  • those looking to get paid from their hobbies/passions
  • anyone who’s tired of relying on others to take their photos or using their solely their smartphones for professional photos


What You Will Learn:


  • read and understand what the different kinds of analytics mean
  • use hacks and techniques to attract a larger organic following and reveal instant results
  • strategically convert followers into customers/subscribers
  • how to spruce up your social media and begin actually micro-blogging
  • how to monetize your social media and bring that traffic over to your personal platforms
  • the type of equipment you should use
  • how to brand yourself to be taken seriously and transition into full-time self-employment
  • how to pitch yourself and begin getting paid by your favorite brands
  • how to get paid what you are worth
  • how to negotiate and bargain with brands on your deliverables and fees
  • how to make a media kit
  • how to leverage and network with other bloggers in exchange for cross-promotion
  • & much more, this is just the tip of the iceberg!


The Price Includes:


  • a step by step run-through from both Bria Larine and Charlie G
  • a full workbook
  • group consultations of all your social media accounts with immediate suggestions and takeaways to begin working on
  • open bar
  • full course meal provided
  • & much more!

Success Stories

“Charlie & Dre’s Photography Workshop for Beginners was by far the most informative ever! The workshop included the basic function of several cameras, equipment, do’s and don’ts for social media and how to reach out to brands for profit. The workshop also included a step by step workbook to reference for future use. Definitely, a must attend!”


Farmington Hills, MI

“Before Charlie and Dre’s Photography Blogger BootCamp, I didn’t even own a camera other than my iPhone. Their course gave me the confidence and understanding to pursue what was initially a passion, but now photography is my main source of income and it literally pays my rent! Charlie is my entrepreneurial inspiration and I would recommend this course for anyone willing to invest in their own future.”


Detroit, MI

Bonuses Included:


Grow your brand faster with these amazing bonuses:

By the end of this program, you should be able to successfully comfortable use a DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease and confidence, plan out your goals efficiently, and more! You should be able to plan and stay on top of your extra earned income each quarter. You’ll have the tools necessary to reach out, negotiate, and land major brand opportunities and continue to grow your brand.

The techniques displayed in this program and e-courses are what we use to execute, edit, and deliver high-quality photos for ourselves and clients which land us well-paying clients, comped trips, and other major collaborations every day. It’s now up to you to take the leap and make the decision to begin taking your brand to the next level!

*While this program provides assistance in growing and expanding one’s skill set, results are not guaranteed. It is our job to provide the best information possible from our processes that you can instill in yours, but will not be held liable if the user does not enjoy intended results.

Charlie G. is a full-time influencer and blogger for and freelance photographer. She has been blogging for 10+ years and doing photography for 3 years, making a living from it full-time for about 2 years and counting. She has worked with many clients including Kiko Davis, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, Jabs Gym, and more. Her zest for lifestyle photography pushed her into shooting and producing the same quality lifestyle shots for others as she does for herself. Dre Dotty has been a full-time photographer for 5 years and counting. He owns his studio on the west side of Detroit where he unleashes his creativity.  He has been building his clientele locally in Detroit and other states such as Atlanta and Chicago all thanks to social media. The source of his income comes from residual clients whom he has built strong relationships with while developing new relationships on a monthly basis using the tactics and skills we will teach in the Photography Workshop.

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My autistic twin brother just snapped this pic of me! Let me find out I make photographers out of everyone... 🤔 lol I’m so proud of him! I watched him have a panic attack every snap away lmao!

Anyhow, I’m headed to the grand opening of @hammerandnaildetroit! Follow along in my stories for the sneak peak! Congrats again and thank you for the invite! Can’t wait to indulge in @monarchclubdetroit’s @jaredbobkin delicious meals! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

My autistic twin brother just...

A preset created by me just for you should be underway, yes?

A preset created by me...

How do you utilize the Direct Message feature on Instagram? Do you use it for leisure? Do you use it for sharing memes in group chats with friends? Do you use it to 'shoot your shot' with a potential significant other?

I'll tell you a secret: it's all I do.

Guys have this interesting theory when sliding into a girl's DMs: "slide in as many as you can...eventually one will say yes," and I've been running with this theory ever since.

Social Media Managers of your favorite brands almost always see your DM even if they leave the message unread in the DM requests. The goal is to give them a reason to respond. If you get a response, they may tell you to reach out to them via the generic email in their profile. However, you don't want a generic Emails to generic email addresses can get lost on the way to whom you're hoping it'll get to or you could never get a response. You want a specific name to a marketing director that can get you answers to how you can participate in paid collaborations faster.

Why you should start using Direct Messages to reach out to brands: • it's faster
• your Instagram profile serves as an immediate resume so they never have to leave the app
• if they find that you are a good fit (because you've fixed the 7 struggles we mentioned in my previous post), they're more than likely to respond almost immediately
• you can build relationships with the marketing manager faster that will be beneficial to you for future partnerships

Now that we have that understanding, it's important you know what to say to get an answer when you slide in the DMs of a brand. You need to ask for the marketing manager in charge of the brand and you want to give them a reason to give you that person's direct contact. Without that reason, they'll direct you to the generic email already on the page.

The reason that you want to give is that you want to send over your media kit to the marketing manager. Brands love seeing data about how you can bring value to them. When you do this, you will almost always receive the answer you're looking for.

So tell me now, are you sliding in DMs the right way? Comment below. I wanna hear how you slide in✍🏾

How do you utilize the...

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One reason alone to cross...

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Growing your social media is always a hot topic because it doesn't matter what you offer, what brands/businesses you want to work with, or who views your page if you don't brand your social media properly to get the results you're looking for.

Here are 7 struggles that you may be dealing with that's causing you not to grow on social media.

Struggle 1
Your Instagram feed/grid is disorganized, uncoordinated, and has too many unbranded graphics.

Struggle 2
Your bio doesn't correctly display who you are and what you do.

Struggle 3
You don't utilize your stories, live, or IGTV.

Struggle 4
You're not posting quality content.

Struggle 5
You're not posting consistently.

Struggle 6
You're worrying too much about the algorithm.

Struggle 7
You haven't signed up for my e-courses that can help you with all of these problems! :) Swipe left to learn more and how you can confidently fix these problems and start growing your social media! Head to to learn more.

Growing your social media is...

A  purse made of wood that serves in fashion and as a weapon. #balance 🙌🏾

A purse made of wood...

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On my Lenny Kravitz vibes...

I FINALLY got my nails finessed by @fanessnails courtesy of @charity who understands how to wine and dine a woman or 50 at her Women First event at @footlockerdetroit awhile back 🙌🏾 💅🏾 👟

I FINALLY got my nails...

Out of office. ✌🏾 #WorldMentalHealthDay

Out of office. ✌🏾 #WorldMentalHealthDay

I’m pretty inconsistent with almost everything my life especially the gym. I hate the weight I’ve gained and I hate that I can’t control my brutal and unhealthy, self-sabotaging eating habits right now. But I plan later in the winter to take my trips to @theviberide Detroit real serious along with a potential gym trainer 💪🏾 What’s something you’re planning to be more consistent with?

I’m pretty inconsistent with almost...