Charlie & Bria’s Upcoming Blogger Bootcamp

The path to successful blogging and branding ourselves hasn’t been the easiest route. We’ve gone through many trials and tribulations, confusion, moments of disparity, and self-doubt. However, through tons of research and sharing our experiences of what works and what doesn’t, we’ve successfully managed to leave our jobs and rely on ourselves to reign in full-time income! With our help, you can too!

In this course, we teach you all the fundamental skillsets to successfully start and grow your blog platforms manage your social media, gain paid partnerships with brands, and eventually convert and sell products to your following turned customers!

Which platforms to use for your blog and why

Whether you want to create a blog, vlog, or both!

How to create an aesthetic on social media

How to beat the new instagram algorithm and get high engagement

Preparing your media kit and rate sheets

Reaching out to brands to get paid your worth

And so much more!

Instagram did not return a 200.