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My final Brown Girl Blogger I’m introducing from my first series is a young lady with a beautiful soul, Micalyn. Her intrinsic style and vibrant personality, I felt drawn and honored to include such a beautiful and inspirational person in my project. Micalyn is a Digital Strategist for a successful marketing and branding company and a YouTube blogger. In her blog post, she blogs about going natural. 

More about Micalyn:

Micalyn is 22 years old with a B. A. from Oakland University in Psychology and Communication. In 2013, she decided to go back to the natural route with her hair resulting to early 2014, going with the big chop catapulting her into the natural hair world. She now has a natural hair and lifestyle YouTube channel she manages full time with over 23K followers and growing all while working full time at Saga MKTG as a full time digital strategist. Micalyn likes to say:

“I’m just a carefree naturalista learning to love myself and hopefully encouraging others to do the same”

Please enjoy Micalyn’s blogpost below and be sure to check out her YouTube channel here!

“I’ve had long hair all of my life. So, when it started to break of and become thin, I had to do something. While researching how to grow my hair back, I stumbled upon the natural hair community. I learned that black girls have curly hair, but I don’t think I even remember what my natural hair looked like. So, I decided to take on the journey of returning natural. What I didn’t know was the journey would change my life.

As my heat-damaged hair started to grow, I started to see that I did indeed have curls. Something inside me started to change as well. I started to love my hair. I started to appreciate my ancestors whose hair was like mine. I started to love my people who have the same hair as me. I became absolutely in love with my Black Girl Magic.

This journey led me to start my YouTube channel to help other women find the magic within them. I started to use my other social media to do the same. Over the years, I’ve received messages from amazing women telling me how I’ve inspired them to love themselves. I’ve seen my friends find and love themselves. I truly believe going natural helped me find my purpose in life: showing the women of the world that they are beautiful, natural the way that they are no matter what society says. Natural is beautiful.”

For more about Micalyn and anything about natural hair, please visit her blog channel here!

Brown Girl Blogger photography by Stephen Crosson

Videography by Cylent Media


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