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The next Brown Girl Blogger that I proudly feature is Jordan. Jordan inspires and impresses me because she not only blogs about fashion, but she blogs with double meaning. She is an auto engineer who enjoys romancing the world with her brains and beauty, showing the world that you can be an engineer and still have style too. 


More about Jordan:

Jordan came from a very humble, fashion-less beginning. She grew up in a small town in Wisconsin where JCPenny and Aeropostale was the epitome of fashion. It was during her time at Purdue University that she received an opportunity to really test the waters and experiment. When she landed her first career job in engineering for an automotive company, she was faced with a new challenge; which was Lil Miss JB Style came to be. It began as a place to encourage women to embrace their style regardless of where they worked and her attempt to defy any allegations that female engineers cannot be stylish. She documents her style journey from college into a STEM profession.

As her style evolved, so did the mission of Lil Miss JB Style. Her focus now, is on educating women how to mindfully build a wardrobe that reflects their style. . Jordan still believes looking great is about writing your own rules and embracing fashion on your own terms regardless of your budget. Jordan’s goal is to fill each of her posts with information and practical advice to improve your style in a way that works best for you.

“Though I still work to encourage women in STEM professions to embrace fashion, just to show people beauty and brains exist”

Below is Jordan’s latest post with pictures! Please enjoy!

“Do you ever look at your wardrobe and feel like it’s missing something?  Perhaps some color?  Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! For many of you adding colors to your closet is a major struggle.  Let me guess,  you find a piece you love then convince yourself to buy it in a color instead.  Am I right?  Then you avoid that piece because you’re unsure how to wear it  and constantly struggle to make it work. In the end you decide it’s not worth the hassle and throw it out.  Then you repeat the process, or just continue to avoid color altogether.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help you break this vicious cycle!
Like many things in life, the key is focus.  If you want to add color to your wardrobe you need to stick to one color at a time.  And I know our generation’s claim to fame is multi-tasking, but honestly we’ve got that all wrong too.  So how do you put this into practice?  Choose one color and only consider purchasing pieces in that color that you really love. Because you genuinely love it not because you saw it a million times on Instagram. This makes it easier to mix and match it with what you already own.  In the end you discover how to bring a color into your current wardrobe that fits your style.  For all the details check out the full post on how to add color to your wardrobe on Lil Miss JB Style’s site. P.S.  This trick also works for prints and patterns too!”


For more of this blogpost and details on where to find Jordan’s styling, check out her blog here and make sure to follow her at!

Brown Girl Blogger Photography by Stephen Crosson

Videography by Cylent Media


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BGBLU: Jordan