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The first Brown Girl Blogger I am featuring for my project is the lovely Chanel Oldham. What captivated me to include her in my project was obviously her diversity and uniqueness in her photoshoots but also her growth from when I first began following her and her support from the moment I’ve met her. She has a soft and compelling presence, yet brings the fierceness to any photo/video shoot. I absolutely adore her.  

More about Chanel:

Upon graduation from Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI, Chanel moved to Washington, DC to further her education.  She has always had an interest in fashion but was never able to afford the type of style she desired.  So, doing what any frugal and stylish individual would do, she began thrift store shopping in her undergrad years. She was strapped for cash but still wanted to express herself through fashion thus turning  to resale shops.  Thrift stores were often frowned upon during her younger years but she now admits to having no shame in her game.  Making do with what she had, she wanted to show others that she was unashamed and if you’re willing to put your mind to it, anything can look fantabulous on you. Chanel then began to film thrift store hauls and DIY videos. Since then, her Youtube channel has evolved in to a massive outlet for others to admire and seek inspiration from. Chanel states: 

“I’m at my best when I can freely create content based on my passions to share with the world. That’s what keeps me going.”

Below is Chanel’s latest blogpost Bad Gal Vibes with pictures! Enjoy!

“I always been a huge fan of Rihanna and I absolutely love her crazy fashion sense.  I always get inspired by her outfit choices so I decided to re-create a few looks of my own.  Many of you know that I am an avid thrift shopper, what better way to thrown in a challenge right?  Both looks are either thrifted or just recycled items from my closet. For the first outfit, I wanted to create an all denim look better know as a Canadian tuxedo…”

For more of this blogpost and details on where Chanel gets her looks, check out her amazing blog here and make sure to follow and support her at CHANELOLDHAM.COM!

Brown Girl Blogger Photography by Stephen Crosson

Videography by Cylent Media

Chanel’s personal blog photos by Frankie Fultz


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BGBLU: Chanel