BGBLU: Bria Larine

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Bria Larine is one of the bloggers I’m featuring in Cycle 2 that’s captured my attention for a long while now. I’ve watched her grow her audience and content for about two years now with compelling and successful accomplishments. From her brand ambassadorships with the copious hair companies who work with her to her natural hair   journeys and fashionable statements, Bria Larine is someone to keep an eye on in Detroit and I am more than honoured to have her as one of my Brown Girl Bloggers. Below is more about Bria.

More about Bria:

To learn more about Bria Larine, be sure to check out her vlog here!

Brown Girl Blogger Photography by Stephen Crosson

Videography by Cylent Media


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BGBLU: Cycle 2
BGBLU: Bria Larine