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The Brown Girl Blogger of Detroit Series continues! My next Brown Girl Blogger I’d love to give light to is Akilah. Her bubbly personality and kindheartedness are two of the reasons why I was drawn to her as a person who  turned to a very good friend.

More about Akilah:

Beginning in 2015, Akilah Moore launched Dine and Drink Moore, a food blog. Akilah’s creative writing skills date back to her time in high school when she discovered her knack for blogging. While in high school, she was working two jobs which were both in the food industry when the idea for her food blog blossomed.

From serving, to food running, to working the pass, to being a line cook, Akilah has worked every station and learned every aspect of a restaurant. Back and front of house are usually separated by a “wall” and although it seemed typical for the two to never cross, her personality and bubbly presence broke through that wall and she’s been proud of it ever since.

“I’m proud to have really been behind the scenes of a lot of these food spots and have so much inside knowledge. It makes dining that much more enjoyable and blog that much more genuine”.

Akilah’s talent for writing and her bond with the food service industry are really the skeletons of her food blog. She uses her social media platforms and posts in order to achieve her long term goal, to be a food critic for a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Food critics take a lot of analytical, creative writing, and people skills. Practice makes perfect, and with every Dine and Drink Moore post, she gets better.

Dine and Drink Moore has gone nationwide and the next step is international. Stay tuned, stay connected, and stay informed  so you can keep up with your local food scenes because Akilah will be in an area near you!

Below is Akilah’s vlog post on her Five Favorite Food Finds. Enjoy!

For more of Akilah’s food blogs, make sure to follow and support here at FIND OUT WEBSITE INFO

Brown Girl Blogger Photography by Stephen Crosson

Videography by Cylent Media


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BGBLU: Akilah