My name is Charlie

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Hello!  I’m Charlie G. and I thank you for taking the time time to peruse my website and learn a little more about me! I’ll start off by saying that being a full-time blogger, photographer, educator, and more is nothing but hard work but it’s something I love doing and wouldn’t change a single detail about how I ended up here. I’ve been blogging off and on for over 10 years but decided to shut down my previous blogs to create I originally began this site in 2013 to jot down my personal thoughts, poetry,

and most vulnerable feelings of troubles I was going through. From there, blogging turned into an opportunity to grow and go full-time, teaching others to do the same. With a background in Web Design and a short-lived career as a Software Engineer, I decided to transition into blogging full-time after realizing I wasn’t being fulfilled working a traditional 9-5 doing what I thought was my dream job. It was from there that I gained more experience working with professional brands and figured it was time to teach others who want to do the same. Welcome to!

We’re not the popular, we’re the offbeat.

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