Sassy Struttin’

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Two things I’m absolutely obsessed with? Short shorts and thigh highs and with this perfect boot from Stiletto Stealer, I couldn’t resist from pairing with some homemade shorts and an oversized button-up blouse from Rainbow. Some great places to wear this outfit is on a girls’ night out, a date, or even to the club. Luckily, this chunky heel is extremely comfortable and can withstand any long standing or walking that may be taking place! As for my hair and accessories, I decided to keep it simple, yet classic. I wanted my purse to be a staple along with my shoes and match as far as color and leather material. With gold accents from the zippers on the purse, it went together well with my gold earrings from Aldo and black and gold bracelets from Zenger. Typically, I don’t condone being too “matchy” if you will, but because I paired all my accessories with my outfit so subtly, I couldn’t resist but to be in awe with how well my entire look candidly came together. To top off the entire look, I had to wear some of Prime Collection‘s newest aviator shades that just hit their site! To see more of this look, check out the images below! And P.S., the shorts are homemade from a pair of old American Apparel “easy jeans” that I cut, sewed into shorts, and then took some army fatigue material and sewed over the front of the shorts. If need be, I can be pretty handy too, LOL. Enjoy the look below and if you have any questions or comments, drop me an email! I’d be happy to answer any inquiries!


       •  Charlie G.       •  Styling: Charlie G.       •  Photography: Dre Dotty
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BGBLU: Bria Larine
Sassy Struttin’