2020 Goal Planner Free Download

Achieving goals is hard. Many a time, I've found myself burying my head in tasks, blindly getting things done only to look up and realize how much farther the finish line is from where I first started. With Charlie G's 2020 Goal Planner, it's now easier to achieve your goals in a well-constructed path you'll never stray from again! Here's how:

Filled with actionable steps, a think tank for you to jot down ideas, and more, this goal planner is perfect for achieving all ideas, tasks, aspirations, and goals!

Start with 3 goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

Continue with planning out your goals for each quarter of the year that you plan to achieve that will help you achieve your 3 main goals.

Think of some ways to achieve your goals, make some extra cash, or plan major events!

Map out your monthly plans.

Figure out your weekly plans.

Get busy with your daily tasks.

It's time to be a goal digger! Get started for FREE today!

About the Author

I’ve been having difficulties for a long time accomplishing my goals and doing simple, daily tasks.

I used to plan out my goals by doing the small things I had to do each day. But doing this never seemed to match up to my bigger (macro) goals. It was then after pondering how to fully plan and accomplish a successful year, that I realized you have to plan your goals backward.

After shopping around and doing extensive research, I hadn’t found an effective planner to help me visualize my yearly and everyday goals which caused me to create this annual goal planner for 2020 to share with all of you! Let this be your guide to defining your purpose, creating clarity through goal planning, and building a year of killer work ethic that gets you results!

My goal for you is to be able to come to your goals you’ve set out to achieve daily, with ease and clarity so that when you look up by the end of 2020, you’ve achieved all of them and then some. Happy planning and good luck!