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February 2017

In The City

BGBLU: Jordan


The next Brown Girl Blogger that I proudly feature is Jordan. Jordan inspires and impresses me because she not only blogs about fashion, but she blogs with double meaning. She is an auto engineer who enjoys romancing the world with her brains and beauty, showing the world that you can be an engineer and still have style too.  Continue Reading

In The City

BGBLU: Chanel

The first Brown Girl Blogger I am featuring for my project is the lovely Chanel Oldham. What captivated me to include her in my project was obviously her diversity and uniqueness in her photoshoots but also her growth from when I first began following her and her support from the moment I’ve met her. She has a soft and compelling presence, yet brings the fierceness to any photo/video shoot. I absolutely adore her.  

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