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I’m Charlie G. A full-time Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer, Influencer Coach, and Photographer. I’m a builder. I build beautiful things from scratch. I enjoy creating beautiful content whether it be for myself, a brand, or others looking to build their portfolios. I’m also an educator who teaches others looking to transition out of their 9-5s into full-time entrepreneurship. I’ve done a series of workshops that provide the skillsets needed to actively pursue your passions full-time from my Blogger Branding Bootcamps to Beginner Photography Workshops. Whether it be in person, via Skype, or with my online e-courses, I love helping people take their goals to the next level.

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Blogger / Influencer

After blogging for 10+ years and being a full-time blogger for over one, I’ve gained experience working with brands I genuinely believe in such as Detroit Institute of ArtsPure Michigan, Grey Goose, and more! If you’re interested in collaborating with me for brand campaigns or sponsoring any Charlie G. content, please feel free to contact me directly below.

E-Courses / Coaching Services

From learning the basics of a DSLR camera to understanding and knowing business basics, I specialize in helping others be the best entrepreneurs they can be with my in-depth online e-courses you can learn on personal time and an extensive one-on-one coaching service for those looking to jump in full throttle.


Capturing beautiful imagery of others is something I excel in. Because of my natural ability to capture imagery for myself while working with plentiful brands, I’ve been able to understand how to do the same for others as a travel photographer with lifestyle, headshot, portfolio photography and more.

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Featured In

Detroit Institute of Arts
Seen Magazine
Caesars Windsor

Interested in learning Photography?

If you’re in the Detroit Metro area, Charlie G and Dre Dotty will be hosting a Beginner Photography Workshop for those interested in learning basic photography and how to get paid from it.

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