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One of the most interesting and stylish online boutiques I’ve come across has a great little catch and I think you’ll be glad to learn about it too! Have you ever wanted to put your clothes on layaway but still receive them immediately upon first payment? Look no further! A new and one of a kind payment system is here to help support your wallets while still keeping you in style and up-to-date with all the current fashions thanks to TrendPay.

TrendPay is an online boutique based out of  LA which gives every shopper the ability to buy whatever they desire and choose when to pay. Perfect for any career-oriented online shopper, budgeting has never been made simpler! You literally can now have your cake and eat it too by budgeting yourself and still owning the latest trends and most popular brands! The best part about it is that there are no interest fees or credit checks associated with the cost of the payment! Your items are shipped on the first payment and the remaining balance of the item(s) is then charged once a month until completion. Still in disbelief? I’ll further explain how it works.

  1. Choose the item(s) you want to own.
  2.  Select “Choose when to pay” and break down your purchase into 1-5 payments depending on the product chosen.
  3.  Add the item(s) to your bag and continue to a regular checkout.
  4.  Own your new outfit in just 5-7 business days and don’t forget to tag TrendPay on Instagram when you post!

Super easy, right? I have to say, in all my years of online shopping (which I typically dread) never have I been more excited to conveniently disregard all the long lines in the stores and relax from my living room couch and shop from home. Finally balling on a budget, now I can shop and feel guilt-free!

Though TrendPay is currently available to women only, the owner, Adie Meiri, plans to one day expand to men’s clothing offering the same experience and broadening her customer base.  Adie Meiri created this shopping system because to him, fashion is art that someone has catered specifically for you to wear.

“Fashion allows you to demonstrate and express who you are or how you feel and when you can, it empowers you. Unfortunately, not everyone can have what they want because they are limited. One time I was shopping at a grocery store, when I went to the counter to check out, the lady asked me, ‘Would you like to split your purchase into paymets?’ [and] right then and there, it hit me!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Adie’s father was a clothing manufacturer and his mother was always obsessed with fashion so fortunately for him, he had no opportunity to escape fashion. Much like Adie, the ideal customer is the millennial that is focused on elevating their lifestyle and wants to budget themselves because of fiscal goals, responsibilities, and personal maintenance. TrendPay benefits the customer more than it does himself because he realizes that new “IT” bag or that new Flynn Skye dress is eyed long and hard before it goes on sale. But 99% of us will consider the price and likely walk away because of other fiscal responsibilities taking priority. Because of this, TrendPay gives us the ability to budget, plan, and save for all other responsibilities we have without the need to worry about other expenses when you finally decide to treat yourself and buy that bag! Adie’s goal is to make TrendPay a website people can trust, be inspired by, and shop on!


The Black Romper


The Floral Print


The Suede Fringe

  • Long Sleeve Black Romper
  • Red Long Sleeve Floral Dress
  • Micro Suede Fringe Dress
       •  Charlie G.       •  Styling: Charlie G.       •  Photography: Stephen Crosson
♥  Buy the look link.

Thank you to TrendPay for partnering with me on this post.


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I’m officially a plant mom! I purchased plants for 3 reasons:

A) aesthetics.

B) my mom in her hay day hated animals but always claimed plants were her pets and I’ve always found it admirable that she had a real life with real opinions and personality outside of me and my twin bro.

C) if you know already, I severely suffer from depression and anxiety. About a year ago, my therapist recommended I get an animal that relies on me and to take care of it. A pet would be too much for the life I live right now, but a plant would be just enough. Just enough to live my life without abandonment and just enough attention to make sure it thrives in a nurturing environment and live. That would in turn, make me want to live. And to do that, you can’t pour into something else to thrive without pouring into self.

And so here we are. And I’m coming GROWTH all quarantine. Growing plants, patience, esteem, edges, discipline, confidence, endurance, abs, self-love, and whatever else I need to flourish moving forward over here.

What y’all doing to better your inner self? Tell me know something good.

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That’s it. That’s the caption. 🙃 2️⃣9️⃣ 🎂

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ That’s...

I’ve been taking things day by day. Some days I’m fantabulous. Other days I’m a wreck. Some days I’m in my feelings, other days I’m in my own way. I could be happy one day and road rage hunting the next. Super productive another day and completely incapable of comprehending anything the next. What you see is what you get but no matter what, everyday I’m always gon’ be me.

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Saw a post earlier that said you can have all the crystals, sage, essential oils, etc and still be impure. That if you don’t do the work from the inside out, it’s all just decoration, and I felt that. Niggas need to heal.

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Funny how anxiety often leaves you paralyzed in doing the most simplest of things. It’s like a coma with all things social. You can comment on small things, make a quick story, and even if you’re tenacious enough, read a text message but you could never reply, never even dare open your gmail account, let alone type it in the address box, and never open your premiere pro or photoshop to work on those overdue pics and website mockups and dare never even answer the telephone to have an actual conversation with someone on the other side expecting you to pay attention and respond sensibly. Whooo. Anxiety playing tricks on me. “I can’t do it,” has been my white flag to a lot lately.

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I want permission to do nothing. I want permission to do absolutely NOTHING. As the world resets, I want a reset button too. I want contracts to remain paused or TBD and the pressure of copious emails to come to a halt. But that’s not how the life of an entrepreneur works. And that’s not how money in the future can be secured today when you’re your own ongoing locomotive money making machine.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What have you freelancers been doing to reset your time and mental space while securing the bag?

I want permission to do...

People are getting real laxed with the stay-at-home orders. It’s getting hot. Birthdays are coming up. We miss our friends. But you have to remember, that this is far from over. Stay home. If you must go outside, don’t socialize with more than one or two ppl at a time and remain more than 6 feet apart. I feel like I see a lot of my peers doing the exact opposite, organizing in large groups and it’s really upsetting me and my homegirls. The nurses I know ain’t risk their lives on the frontline for nothing y’all. Be smart, stay alive. We finally get a chance to save the world by staying home and doing NOTHING. Let’s not fuck this up.

People are getting real laxed...

On a scale of 1 to 1 billion, how tired are you of wearing these masks?

No but seriously, a huge thank you to everyone on the frontlines from the hospitals to the doctor’s offices, the at-home caregivers who don’t get enough credit, and all the essential workers. I hope you get all the flowers you deserve and then some when this is all over ❤️

On a scale of 1...

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Trend Now, Pay Later