The word rebel takes on many different denotations. It could vary from noun to action. From being a person who defies mundane, normal standards to the action of rising in opposition to an established  government or ruler. Rebel “v” Apparel views this definition in two ways:

  • 1) “the act of releasing everything that does not serve you or holds you back: spiritually, emotionally, physically, politically, and socially”
  • 2) “the process of taking your power back”

Rebel “v” Apparel was created by Detroiter, Martissa Williams. Sitting at the intersections of being body positive, feminist, pro-black, LGBTQIA proud, and most importantly, self-love, Rebel “v” Apparel was born. RVA was created with intent to aid the change in group consciousness around the meaning of being woman despite her ethnicity, size, orientation, socioeconomic status, sexuality, spirituality, etc. Martissa prides herself in having extensive detail incorporating diversity into the brand and producing sweatshop free garments; meaning that the people making the garments are making a fair wage and have access to proper healthcare.

RVA encourages people to be happy and accepting of everything about themselves, culture, being etc. In the brilliant words of Martissa, “the revolution is about understanding and loving self, accepting self, and embracing self and [through that], you can embrace everyone else through all their differences”. It is with pleasure that I was fortunate enough to receive this crop top and with pride, I wear my rebel shirt because if you’re going to be a rebel, you do it with a purpose.

       •  Charlie G.       •  Styling: Charlie G.       •  Photography: Sugar Milkk
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